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Is Voices.com an Agency?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 17, 2006

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We get this question all the time. Here's the answer!


From time to time, we are approached by talents (and sometimes, even by clients) asking us if we are an agency. I'd like to take this opportunity to dispel the myth that all marketplaces face.

To settle the score once and for all: InteractiveVoices is NOT an agency!

We also do not take any commissions on the work you receive - that's what agents do.

Now, back to the program :)

Voice talents can choose between 3 memberships, Premium (USD$199 per year), Preferred (USD$99 per year), and Guest (free).

There are two paid membership options for voice talent at our site. Why? They are there to help market talents more effectively on the Internet and give them an exclusive means to receive direct access to high quality job opportunities, and nearly unheard of in some circles, the ability to communicate with clients one-on-one.

Many voice talents incorporate their membership fees to our site into their annual marketing budgets - as professionals, they see our service as another tool to get their voice out to the global village of clients.

If you take a minute, you might realize that your agent(s) may not be getting you as much work as they used to...

Why is this?

More and more people (and among them, clients) are becoming Internet savvy, smarter with their finances, and want to experience voice casting for themselves, reviewing voices that meet their requirements and enjoy personally selecting the talent who will represent their image as a corporation or organization.

Many talent are surprised by the caliber of clients who use our web service to find, audition, and hire professional voice talents. By virtue that clients can go directly to the source, (voice talents who record from professional-grade home studios), intermediary parties are not involved.

By giving clients this option, they immediately save time, money, can build lasting relationships with professionals, and establish a rapport with others that they would like to work with in the future.

To clarify, as a voice talent, you have 3 membership options at our site, one of which is free of charge. Should you decide to, you can pay for services that you think are worth your investment regarding your voice-over career and pursuit of freelance voice-over work online.

Why go Premium or Preferred?

Our paid memberships include Featured Talent categories, ample storage for files and file delivery, high ranking in the search results, access to jobs, and exclusive marketing opportunities for you to participate in.

Premium members also receive The Definitive Guide to Voice-Over Success and priority ranking in the search results.

Compare our 3 membership options here.

Thank you for reading, and we trust that we can serve you in the capacity that best meets your needs as a professional voice talent.

Stephanie and the InteractiveVoices Team

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