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Voices.com on Web 2.0 Top 200 List

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 27, 2006

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Featured on a list of the Top 200 Web 2.0 sites. What an honour!


In this day and age of Web 2.0, it seems like everyone is getting on the bandwagon. It's good to know however, that there is a measuring stick.

It's our great honour to be recognized as one of the Top 200 Web 2.0 services!

Web 2.0 services are characterized by their simplicity, specialization, and universal accessibility. The bottom line is that our service is so clearly defined and easy to use that nearly anyone can incorporate InteractiveVoices into their lives.

Irregular in Web 2.0 circles is the ability to provide more than one service. Usually, the service provided simplifies one functionality or meets one need. Upon illuminating this, it is exciting to be able to offer two services to you of equal value and convenience - finding a voice-over professional, and being found as a voice-over talent.

Here's what some other journalists have said about Voices.com:

Voices.com - Busca la voz ideal para tu negocio

Desde luego Voices.com no va a ser muy til en el día a día de muchos de nosotros, pero es una idea tan original que no resistí a la tentación de contarlo en wwwhatsnew.

Para aquellos que necesitan encontrar voces agradables (para doblajes, recepción, atendimiento...) se trata de un buscador perfecto. Cientos de voces de diferentes personas que quieren ser encontradas para trabajar con la voz y cientos de ofertas de trabajo en las que los candidatos se incriben dejando un mensaje mp3.

Quien sabe si es el primer paso de las entrevistas de trabajo por videoconferencia.

Translation: Voices.com - The Ideal Voice for Your Business

Of course Voices.com is not going to be very useful in the day to day of many of us, but it is an original idea that I did not resist the temptation to include at wwwhatsnew. For those who need to find pleasant voices (for doblajes, reception, atendimiento...), InteractiveVoices is a perfect service. Hundreds of different voice talents who want to be found and hired for voice-over work can apply for hundreds of job opportunities. Candidates audition for work by typing a message, including a quote and an MP3 sample of their voice. Who knows if this is the first passage of job interviews by video conference.


"Principles that render Voices.com a Web 2.0 company include the continued focus on a rich user experience by working with technologies such as RSS, CSS and AJAX while using the Web as a software platform."



"Voices.com is a new online marketplace for voices. Like Voice123, Voices.com helps you find the perfect voice, on time and within budget. Need a voice over for your new web presentation? Have to have a cool opening intro for your upcoming podcast show? Voices.com allows posting your audio needs, preview .MP3 samples and to compare prices among different offerings. DJs, dubbers and anyone with a voice talent can also sign-up and promote her own voice at no cost whatsoever. Voices.com allows voice professionals to create their own profile page and to stock it with audio samples in MP3. Voices.com also allows easy and automated management of transactions without taking any commission fee. Free 30-day trial for clients seeking voices. Thereafter, voice talent seekers pay $99 a year or $19.95 per job posting while professional voice professionals can choose between three levels of membership ranging from free to ($99 or) $199 year, depending on the number of options needed (more storage space, ability to receive direct PayPal payments, etc.)."

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Life simplified. At the end of the day, we've made finding and hiring professional voice talents and voice actors easy and affordable.

Thank you for working with us!

Best regards,

The Voices.com Team

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