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I'm a Mac. I'm a PC.


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 29, 2006

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We've all seen the Apple Computer commercials, but which computer is better for recording and editing voice-overs?

A series of commercials were released by Apple about a month ago, featuring several conversations between two male actors, one representing a Mac, a trendy, no frills hipster, and the other actor, representing the PC, a self-deprecating Bill Gates look alike.

Aside from the superb execution of the advertisement favoring the Apple brand, does Apple deserve the audio production crown?

Have your say and mention your recording gear in your comment!



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    I used PC for many years and switched to a PowerMac G5 etc...the simplicity, stability and sheer common sense operation of a MAC makes the choice easy. HOWEVER...the cost is much more than it should be.

    I will always own a PC, but when it comes to audio/video creative arts...I think the MAC has much to be considered.

    Posted by:

      I have been running a PC with Sound Forge and other audio software for the last 8 years with the usual problems that come with Windows. XP is a HUGE improvement. Overall, I'll probably stick with my PC (this old dog is tired of learning new tricks...and Op systems) although I'm tempted to jump ship and go to a mac.

      Mac is an excellent Op system and among the most worthy producers and studios, it's all you'll find...but it's not perfect or bullet proof either. It too, has "issues"...

      Posted by:

        I've used both Mac and PC for years but Mac has generally always been my preference for audio.

        Still today, though PC support has caught up quite a bit, I prefer Mac as my main environment is protools, and I find a greater range of 3rd party products like plug-ins etc. tend to be available for Mac than for PC...

        Mac is great for a few other media applications too like print and video though PC has caught up to them more there, in recent decades imho.... bottom line is for voice actors this question is probably not especially relevant unless they're also trying to get into the areas of full audio engineering/production.

        Posted by:
        • Anonymous
        • June 30, 2006 11:27 AM

          I have both and I do prefer the Mac. It is just easier and more intuitive for me to get things done, and the elegance of the OSX is more efficient for what I do in audio.

          Plus, the customer service is heads and tails above the PC I have. The HD went out on my Powerbook. Apple sent a box to me, etc, turned it around in 4 days no charge to me at all.

          Had trouble with the PC, still have not gotten it fixed to my satisfaction. $300 and countless frustrating hours spent.

          Running Mac Powerbook with PTLE7, Reason3, Live5, Digi002 interface and mics galore!

          Posted by:
          • michael J Bruce
          • June 30, 2006 11:30 AM

            As far as I'm concerned...Mac is the only way to go for audio and audio production. Ease of use and superb quality has always made Mac the true choice and the benchmark for the really creative.

            Posted by:
            • BigBry
            • June 30, 2006 11:31 AM

              The short answer is: Anything you can do on a Mac, you can do on a PC.

              From there, the point becomes a matter of personal taste.

              For me, I relate it to driving a car. A Mercedes and Kia will both get you where you need to go. But you'll likely enjoy the ride a good bit more in one over the other, (with less time futzing under the hood).

              Posted by:

                I have used a PC for years with frustration. Then I went to the Mac platform. My Mac boots up much faster than my custom built WinXP PC. I am upgrading to Vista Saturday July 1.

                But... I am doing all audio on my Mac's. I use my PC just for beta testing Vist Beta 2, Win Office 2007 beta 2, etc. My iBook g4 1.33 is used for webpage creation and my eMac g4 1.0 ghz is for Video / Audio production with Final Cut, Ableton Live 5, Logic and Sound Studio.

                Plus... All my friends gets worms and macro virus. My Mac has been safe so far. ^^

                Posted by:

                  I run a fairly large VO/broadcast studio in the LA area, and all rooms are outfitted with both Macs and PCs. While XP is a vast improvement over the earlier Windows machines, Macs have been that "improved" for many years. My pref? The elegant, beautiful Macintosh (and for our video editing projects, there's absolutely NO hesitation). But make no mistake; my PCs get a daily workout too.

                  Posted by:

                    I've always been a PC guy. I've been using Cool Edit/Audition since the first version way back when and have no desire to change editing software. Now that you can supposedly run Windows on a Mac I suppose that creates a new option, but I'll adopt a wait and see stance on that one.

                    Posted by:

                      I've used everything over the years and still work with PCs at work for network client relations, but all other options leave me with a Mac.

                      I recently purchased a MacBookPro and I gotta tell ya.. it flies!

                      My previous iBook went for four years never shut down or restarted other than for system updates. Same goes for the Macs in the post department at work. If you add in the elegance, ease of use, the way the iLife suite ties all media together it becomes a greater gap.

                      Security is another ball of wax. Still no virus or malware for Mac that has self propogated from the wild and I've never suffered downtime or called tech support. Now with superfast machines and a rock solid OS competitively priced, its a great choice.

                      Posted by:
                      • David Godfrey
                      • June 30, 2006 12:26 PM

                        I have used both platforms, for many years, starting from the Apple ll and onward.

                        There is no comparison, I have spent hours of frustrating system crashes on my PC while my MAC has out performed its PC counterpart on every benchmark.

                        I still use my PC from time to time but for the sheer power and stability it is MAC all the way, as well with the recent advent of the MAC mini the affordability factor is not as much of an issue as it used to be with a price tag starting at just $599.00 its really a great value over a PC.

                        Most Large, major universities are using the basis of the MAC OSX which is UNIX.

                        Apple actually encourages its employees to work in open source projects.

                        The overall value of MAC is really its crowning achievement.

                        Posted by:
                        • Tim Franklin
                        • June 30, 2006 12:27 PM

                          I think one of the biggest reasons I like the PC over the Mac is the amount of software available for the PC. My first computer ever was an Apple II Plus, but somewhere along the line I switched over to the dark side.

                          I think where PC shines is of course database software, etc. Perhaps some of you can talk me in to switching back.

                          I like to run ACT for my client database. I also like using programs like Web Easy 6 to create websites because of its simplicity.

                          I am in the market to buy another laptop since my wife and I both have to use a computer. I am seriously looking at the MacBook because of cost and portability.

                          Has anyone been able to run ACT on their MacBook using one of those programs that let you run PC programs on their Apple? Does Apple have a comparable program to ACT? Able to link up to PALM products? Does Apple have an easy to use web design program?

                          Please let me know. Thank you!

                          Posted by:
                          • Brad Ross
                          • June 30, 2006 12:29 PM

                            I like Macs. They look good, and the graphics and stuff are nice. Do they work better than PCs? Maybe, a little. Does it justify the cost? No, it doesn't.

                            I just bought a new Dell PC with dual core CPU and the bells and whistles that a Mac might have. Fast, big drives, nice flat monitor etc. But at half the price of a Mac. With the money I've saved I can buy a new Prosumer Canon camcorder, for $1000 or so.

                            So I stick with my PC.

                            Besides, Mac aren't all that good about free upgrades. You find yourself having to go out and buy a new iLife, for example, when you find your new $800 video editing software doesn't work on your 8 month old Powerbook because it has iLife 05 instead of 06, and the DVD you wanted to burn will cost you another $79, it begins to make you wonder how much Mac is locking you in for.

                            Posted by:
                            • Jack
                            • June 30, 2006 1:10 PM

                              I have been using PC's for over 10 years to record & mix audio. I have always been told by Mac lovers that Mac's were sooo much better for audio/video applications. Well, I've had the joy of using a few friends Mac's to record, and I seriously don't believe the hype. They say it's "easier" yet for a PC user like myself, OSX is completely alien and bulky to use. They say it's "faster" in processing audio, yet my PC smoked Mac in saving MP3's and other mixing tasks... plus I had to fight the OSX GUI.

                              And my last point - free software. There are mountains of free audio software for Windows for programming, sequencing, drum creation, samplers and such. Mac you are have a limited access to commercial software and free software is limited to Linux programs that you jimmy into place.

                              No thank you.

                              Posted by:
                              • Try
                              • June 30, 2006 1:47 PM

                                MAC all the way! We own 3 of them.....laptop & two Mac Minis.

                                I keep a PC around for that occasional time when I have a client who needs something PC based, but other than that...it sits there. The MAC is such a superior product - I'd never go back!

                                Posted by:

                                  Intelligent decisions are never based on the emotional whims and sputterings of advertising agencies or the popular (aka "average") voice of the masses.

                                  Always consider the Need, then go with what best satisfies that need - business gets done, everyone is happy.

                                  Consider the input of others, on whether one might be a better fit than the other, but it won't be mere opinions or criticism ... it will simply be a Preference, from one professional to another.

                                  I have both MAC and PC. Either way, a computer is nothing but Convenient - if it satisfies the need and gets the job done, anything beyond that is mere "Personal Preference" and nothing more.

                                  Posted by:

                                    Mac is the only way to go. I have used both and the Mac has the power, simplicity and intuitive construction of software and hardware that lets you forget about the tech and concentrate on the art.

                                    Posted by:

                                      While I enjoy Adobe Audition for a lot of what I do at the office, the Mac is a far superior machine, and I use it to record demos of the songs I write, and even commericals for some of my clients.

                                      Ease of use, and reliability go a long way. I give the Mac the top spot between the two. We just need Adobe to port over Audition to the Mac and then I will be in heaven!

                                      Posted by:
                                      • Bill DaButler
                                      • June 30, 2006 3:05 PM

                                        It doesn't matter. When you're recording voice it's pretty basic.

                                        If I were recording the San Francisco Symphony with Metallica, I might want a Mac ProTools rig. (Indeed I might sync two ProTools rigs together - like they really did in the session for that album.)

                                        But most people who are recording basic voice-tracks in WAV could do it with the bare bones Windows Recorder, something like Audacity (free to download and use: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ ) or GarageBand in the Mac format.

                                        What really matters is how you're getting into the computer: Sound card, USB device or whatever - and the mic chain (mic, pre-amp/processor) before that.

                                        Posted by:

                                          Don't know if a Mac is better than a PC, because I've never owned a Mac.
                                          A lot of people in the studio and graphics business mainly use Macs, and swear by them (as opposed to at them). But I've used recording software successfully on my PC with no problems. My main beef is the fact that the operating systems of each seem, many times, incompatible, i.e., certain attached files are unreadable when they're sent from a Mac to my PC, or emails can't be opened. Anyone else have the same communications problems?

                                          Posted by:

                                            I've never used a Mac, yet have no desire to. My PC is great for audio (and video too if need be)Since upgrading my RAM and keeping my hard drive clear of clutter, it's a great little toy and gets the job done...not to mention I can buy 2 or more laptops for the price of a Mac.You know the saying...Why fix it, if it ain't broke?



                                            Posted by:

                                              MAC MAC MAC. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION OF AUDIO.

                                              I have 15 G5 units that run flawlessly. I enjoy their reliability. I can't say enough about Mac. And Protools for sound. A Winning combination that has made my clients take notice.

                                              Never skimp on a clients audio. They will notice it when you compare the sound!


                                              Posted by:

                                                I have a Mac, have always had a Mac and will NEVER own a PC.

                                                Even from way before I started recording, the ease of use alone sold me. Then I started recording and heard horror stories from friends attempting the same thing on their PCs. Granted, things have gotten better for the PC recordists, but even though I've worked on PCs at my day job and know them quite well, I'm constantly frustrated by the limitations.

                                                So for me, it's Mac all the way. The commercial ain't hype - it's the truth.

                                                Posted by:
                                                • Annie
                                                • July 1, 2006 8:04 AM

                                                  To be honest with you all, it looks like I am the only true hardcore PC guy here! Call me crazy but I still use the SAW program. Ehhh why not. I am a creature of habit I suppose!

                                                  Posted by:
                                                  • Jake
                                                  • July 1, 2006 10:08 AM

                                                    I have always used a PC, but at times have wanted to try a Mac. I am comfortable and very proficient with my self-built PC. I know how to take care of it and it works without problem and is plenty fast. I am a Sound Forge/Cool Edit Pro user. So, I can't say which would be better. I use what I have and it serves it's purpose and I get paid.

                                                    Posted by:
                                                    • Allen
                                                    • July 1, 2006 11:23 AM

                                                      I've used ProTools on Mac machines and many different PC programs including Adobe Audition and the Sound Forge and Vegas programs. ProTools is overkill unless you're a film sound editor and I've had projects go up in smoke because I failed to continue saving before the mac locked up. A solid PC with plenty of ram and XP Pro is sufficient. I'll cast my vote for Vegas for multitraking. Way easier than Adobe Audition.

                                                      Posted by:

                                                        I switched to Mac a few years ago, and I've never looked back. It takes no time at all to set up, the programs are easy to install and uninstall, and it's incredibly user friendly (and no virus issues). I agree that Pro Tools can be overkill depending on what kind of work you're doing, but I like it. In the end it really is a matter of personal preference, but I can't see myself ever spending money on a PC again.

                                                        Posted by:

                                                          I have a P.C. which is just a few months old. I run Cubase and other programs on XP media. Nothing but problems. I'm constantly on the line with tech support. I'll definitely spend the money to update to a MAC.

                                                          Posted by:

                                                            I have been using PC's since Windows 3.0 launched. I currently own five of them.

                                                            Last year I switched my primary machine to a Mac. All of my PC's are now collecting dust with the exception of one Linux box. The Mac has taken over and I love it.

                                                            Microsoft has made significant progress with WinXP, and perhaps with Vista, but will it be enough? I think Google understands more about elegant simplicity than Microsoft, and Apple is king in that category.

                                                            Posted by:
                                                            • Darren M
                                                            • July 5, 2006 11:39 PM

                                                              I've used both Mac's & PCs, and thought I'd try a new Acer Aspire 3003WLMi PC. Big mistake! I spent 6 weeks trying to get a recording without hundreds of "clicks" in it. The Audacity folks were great about helping me make sure the problem was not the sound editor. I replaced an M-Audio Mobile Pre-USB, and while Acer was very gracious about trying to repair it (twice), we all had to conclude that the Acer simply was not capable of properly recording audio. So...beware.

                                                              Posted by:

                                                                I have always used PC for two reasons:
                                                                1. Cost and
                                                                2. My software collection.

                                                                Today's quality editing programs are like driving different cars. The controls are a bit different but they do basically the same things.

                                                                Brian Hart says above "Now that you can supposedly run Windows on a Mac I suppose that creates a new option..." but, THAT doesn't solve the problem. The difference IS the OS.

                                                                Here's where I get to say my favorite line: (back to cars again) If Microsoft built cars, yours would start 3 out of five days!!!

                                                                The problem with the MS OS is that has been a flawed product from the day it was introduced. Extremely unstable, bugged and quirky. It improves but only because aggressive MAC advertising is forcing it to. Other MS programs are pretty good but, in my opinion, WINDOWS SUCKS!

                                                                Whew, that said, I have too many PC programs to replace with MAC (including CoolEdit/Audition) and putting Windows on a MAC to run them is like filling a shiny new bathtub with dirty water.

                                                                My advice is, unless you can make enough to offset the cost and have the time to learn a whole new system stick with what you've got.

                                                                But, bring it on, MAC...FORCE MS to put out a stable and reliable product!

                                                                Posted by:

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