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July 2006 VO Calendar


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 29, 2006

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Find out what's going on where in July 2006!


This list is just a sampling of some of the educational opportunities available to you this month. If you don't see a workshop that you are attending here or your favorite coach is absent from the list, email me so that I can update the calendar!

To contact the coaches for more information, just click on their name in their bios below the listings.




July 1, Burbank - The Cashman Cache Beginner Class (Marc Cashman)

July 1-2, Driggs, Idaho - Creating Character Voice Workshops (Pat Fraley)

July 8, Burbank - The Cashman Cache Beginner Class (Marc Cashman)

July 11, Hollywood - Basic Voiceover (Dolores Diehl)

July 12, West Burbank - Beginning Animation Class (MJ Lallo)

July 13, West Burbank - Intermediate Commercial Class (MJ Lallo)

July 13, Hollywood - Basic Video Game Voiceover Workshop (Dolores Diehl)

July 15, Burbank - The Cashman Cache Beginner Class (Marc Cashman)

July 15-16, San Diego - Animation Voice Acting Workshop (Bob Bergen)

July 16, Los Angeles - The Disney Way ADR/Looping Event (Pat Fraley)

July 17, West Burbank - Beginning Commercial Class (MJ Lallo)

July 22, Hollywood - Advanced Video Game Voiceover (Dolores Diehl) *

July 22-23, Buffalo - Nine Critical Skills & Character Voice Master Classes (Pat Fraley)

July 26, Valley Village - Advanced Animation Voiceover (Dolores Diehl)

July 27, North Hollywood - Extended Commercial Voiceover (Dolores Diehl)

July 29-30, New York - Women in Animation Master Event (Pat Fraley)

About the Instructors:

Bob Bergen

Bob Bergen travels around the country teaching weekend animation voice-over seminars throughout the year. This is a jam packed weekend of nonstop work on how to create and sustain characters, breaking down animation copy, essential information on the business of the business, the demo process, etc. Plus, if you help put together a weekend seminar in your area you take the class for free!

Check out Bob's 2007 Pacific Coast VO Cruise, due to set sail April 29th - May 4th, 2007. Book now: there are only 60 cabins reserved.

Marc Cashman

Marc Cashman, Executive Producer at Cashman Commercials, has won over 150 advertising awards in the past 15 years, including the ADDY, IBA, SUNNY, INT'L RADIO FESTIVAL OF NY, SILVER MICROPHONE, BELDING, LONDON INT'L, and the prestigious CLIO on behalf of hundreds of clients across the country. Marc is a frequent speaker to Ad Clubs and Broadcasters Assocations throughout the U.S. and other countries and also donates his creative and production services to many charitable organizations. Biographed in Who's Who in California, Marc has taught at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and has been interviewed in trade magazines and newspapers and on numerous radio and television programs.

Dolores Diehl

Dolores has performed for, and has taught voice acting to more than 100,000 men, women and children in live classes and professional audiences of from 6 to 700 people. Dolores has also taught on Closed Circuit Educational TV and across the Country by phone. She teaches and directs her Basic Voiceover Workshops in Commercials, Animation, Narration and Audiobooks, and manages all of her other workshops, from intermediate through professional levels, personally selecting the Directors.

* Dolores' classes are ongoing sessions. Weekly sessions continue varying from three, five, six, or eight weeks. Classes with asteriks (stars) beside have irregular scheduling.

Pat Fraley

Patrick Fraley has created the voices for over 4,000 characters, placing him among the top ten performers of all time to be cast in animated programs. He has taught voice over for 30 years and holds his workshops in L.A., San Francisco, and New York. His is the only character voice curriculum ever to be accredited at the university level. He holds an MFA degree in Acting from Cornell University, and is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers of America.

MJ Lallo

Mj Productions was established in 1983 in San Francisco. MJ has 23 years of experience in audio VO and music production for the advertising, entertainment and corporate market places. MJ Lallo is a VO artist, director producer, teacher and composer-singer. She has done voice looping for feature films and her unique vocalizing with digital processors won her three Addy Awards.

* All of MJ's classes are once a week from 7-10 p.m. Each class runs for five consecutive weeks at MJ Production Studios.

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    Hi Stephanie,

    Good to see workshops available to keep us on our toes. What about Canadian workshops? Are there any available you care to list?
    Thanks and...Happy CANADA DAY TO YOU AND YOURS!

    (Preferred member)

    Posted by:
    • Blair
    • June 30, 2006 3:57 PM

      Hi Blair,

      Happy Canada Day to you and to our fellow Canucks at home and abroad!

      I'm working on finding Canadian workshops. There are a few out there, but not until after the summer :)

      Keep checking the blog for more info!



      Posted by:

        Please note: I am teaching voiceover workshops in Dallas on the following dates: These are continuing education workshops with credit and certificate from a Dallas community college!

        August 19 and 20: Techniques of Voice Acting. Learn how to voice a wide variety of projects for the market worldwide! Hands-on copy reading and generous take-home materials including articles to read and copy to use.

        September 2: In Dallas, The Business of Voiceovers-Strictly Business: Money, agents, Contracts, the internet, your in-home recording studio and much more!

        September 9: Vocal Performance Jingle Singer Workshop!!!

        Contact and enroll through me, Bettye Zoller: btzol@aol.com; 214-638-TALK (8255) or on my website www.voicesvoices.com

        Posted by:

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