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On Location Radio: An Encounter of the Broadcast Kind


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 1, 2006

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Get to know Diann from FreshFM, Ryan from FM 96, and other on location talent from London, Canada


This afternoon, I happened to cross paths with a few on location radio personalities in our fair city of London, Ontario Canada.

What tipped me off that they were from the world of radio? Well, their promotional vehicles, of course!

I met Diann from Energy 103.1 FM (FreshFM) and Ryan from London's Best Rock, FM 96 live on location at the Dream of a Lifetime Home on Redtail Trail.

Diann's cruiser was a Mercedes Benz SMART Car (nice to see that FreshFM is being sustainable). Diann will be cruising around London and the surrounding area throughout the summer in the SMART car, broadcasting live from events.

Ryan was driving the Subway Subs London Kia Sportage. Ryan too will be broadcasting on location throughout the lazy, hazy (and humid) days of summer at various hot spots in London and area.

There was another station there, but the personality was in their car doing a voice-over when I caught up with Ryan and Diann. Maybe next time!

Of course, I took the opportunity to ask if they recorded voice-overs.

Upon affirmative replies, I gave them each a business card and promptly shared information about our future name change, Voices.com which was received with a mixture of awe and excitement.

Our conversations were brief due to on location voice-overs being recorded live from their cruisers, but it was a pleasure to meet radio personalities in person and be able to share what we do with them.

At that point, I realized that they hadn't heard of us before I introduced myself. What's kind of interesting is that most people in broadcast don't know that online marketplaces and services such as ours exist!

A few months ago, I met Todd from A-Channel in London, and he didn't know about us, or about the concept for that matter, either.

"We've got to do something about this!" I thought. Well, you know me, always thinking up something to do :) I'll hit on that in a future post.

Back to the program:

Are you an on location reporter for a radio station?

Leave a comment and a shout out to your audience!



P.S. While you're at it, tell a few of your colleagues about Voices.com :)

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    Hi again Stephanie!
    Thanks for that "blog report". What better way to market and network information about I.V. than through a radio or T.V. medium!!
    I too, a preferred member of I.V., am an on location reporter from time to time. I broadcast out of town, but reach over 160,000 people including London!

    I mainly inform listeners of what's going on in and around the city, region, and the world for that matter. I also report from a variety of locations during events and special meetings in which I am required to do voice overs. But that's the "serious" aspect of voice overs.

    I like to have fun too - creating characters and doing commercials...that's partly why I joined up with Interactive Voices...to have fun workng for prospective clients! When I am not creating characters and auditioning, you can hear me on the airwaves of 101.3FM (Easy 101) and Country 1510AM!

    Thousands of our listeners are from London!



    Posted by:
    • Blair
    • June 21, 2006 8:33 PM


      I have found it fascinating how few contemporary radio folk are succeeding in VO. I talk to production directors at local stations (I used to be one) and they lament the fact that they are having limited success in breaking in to the new marketplace.

      The modern, digital VO artist has to pursue it full time in order to take advantage of the world market out there. Working full time in radio (In someone else's studio, on their time) makes it tough (But not impossible) to concentrate on exploiting their niche market.

      Morning personalities can do it and night guys can do it, but sleep may have to take a back seat.

      Also, modern radio guys, or the old pros have to learn what the "natural" sound producers are looking for today. Too many years of giving the time and temp can dull your "realism instincts."

      There is so much more to this than being a "voice." A professional radio person should have a keen advantage with "production skills." Producers and clients have little time to correct EQ, editing and bad takes. There is also the misunderstanding about how to "package" your files so they can be used by your client "seamlessly." Any radio person should know that stuff cold.

      Radio guyz, get on the bandwagon! However, learn the new realities.


      Posted by:

        I can do live voice over, as I several charity events as an emcee. I can also do talk radio and as a DJ.

        Bill Gleason

        Posted by:

          A few years back I assisted the afternoon DJ in launching Shawn Mullin's first CD, had a great time and also had an opportunity to give a little back to the station which has for years assisted the Muscular Dystophy Associations Softball Extravaganza!

          Loved it!


          Posted by:
          • JR
          • June 21, 2006 8:36 PM

            I cover the NFL- Kansas City Chiefs and BIG 12 football games (LIVE UPDATES) for Fox Sports Radio... Sirius Satellite Radio... XM Satellite Radio... WFAN in NY... WIP in Philly and more...

            Christian Vedder
            Kansas City

            Posted by:
            • Christian Vedder
            • June 28, 2006 3:05 PM


              We record and broadcast live just about everywhere around the world. From one single mic to multimixing shows. I have done sessions inside a bathroom to make it sounds like a train cabin. I have mixed live shows for radio and web casts from artist like Moby, Smashing Pumpkins etc... It a fun hair raising experience ;-)

              You name it!


              Posted by:
              • Fernando Ruiz
              • June 28, 2006 3:06 PM

                Yes, I do.


                Posted by:
                • Aze Fellner
                • June 28, 2006 3:07 PM

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