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Unlimited Auditions - Period.


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 19, 2006

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Limiting your ability to audition is counterproductive, not to mention undemocratic...


I've been hearing some interesting things through the grapevine, and I thought I'd share some good news with those of you concerned about 'limited auditions' with other services:

We (Voices.com) DO NOT limit your ability to audition.

That concept is counterproductive, not to mention undemocratic. It would rob you of the opportunities that you deserve as a member of our service. It would also rob clients of the opportunity to hear you, potentially the perfect voice for their project, which could in essence, rob them of their signature company voice (that being you).

As you have experienced with us, our company provides more than just job leads. Our customer service is #1 in the industry and we believe in people, not numbers.

Your membership fee at our site (no hidden fees!) includes prompt, cheerful and helpful customer service, additional opportunities to be featured, community involvement, superior tools to market your voice and to be clear, the ability to apply for jobs that match your preferences (and also meet your moral and financial standards - a no compromise, win-win!)

Something that we take great comfort in is the fact that InteractiveVoices (soon to be Voices.com) has always been transparent in our business operations. We place more emphasis on our relationships with our customers than on sealing the deal. Trust is a key ingredient to help develop healthy and mutually successful business relationships.

We're a member of the Better Business Bureau and the TechAlliance, along with a number of other reputable organizations. We run our company based upon Christian morals and are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in.

We are not about numbers or 'audition credits' - those things will pass away.

What we're excited about is investing in people and giving you opportunities to grow, participate, and succeed.

All of us are a team, a community, and stand united upon the rock. We are Voices.com.



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    Thanks Stephanie:

    I just finished reading your 'Unlimited Auditions - Period.' posting. I was already impressed by Voices.com's integrity ...now it's just been confirmed for me again.
    By the way -- your comment re: 'Christian morals'...resonated with me big time.

    G.Faith Klassen
    Member - Voices.com since Oct. 2005

    Posted by:
    • G. Faith Klassen
    • June 21, 2006 2:55 PM

      Way to "GROW" Stephanie! How very much I enjoy reading information such as you have posted. When a smile crosses my face and a warm feeling fills by bosom then I've been a participant in something good.

      Thank you for "Standing for something" and thank you very much for not being afraid of making a statement with the word "Christian" in it. I hope you know how many of us there really are out here and how grateful we are to "stand" with you.

      I know for a fact that as you continue to be bold and stand for good you will never be left standing alone. The "Rock" of which you speak knows exactly who you are, what you are, and every once of good you do is recorded and will stand as a witness for you when the "world" falls apart.

      Have you ever had anyone say "Thank You" for not posting work on Sunday? Well, you have now..

      I have been in this business longer than many members have been alive and I have never once regretted standing for the right and refusing to let the "world" dictate how I promote my God given talent.

      Voices.com is the best and how very proud I am every time I respond to a potential clients posting. In the short time I've been a premium member at voices.com I've paid my annual fee a few times over from work obtained, and "retained" through voice.com

      Thanks again, Stephanie, may you in life realize all the blessings you so rightfully deserve.

      Ken Jackson Voice Productions

      Posted by:
      • Ken Jackson Voice Productions
      • June 21, 2006 2:57 PM

        Just another pat on the back for having the courage to "call 'em like they is". But I didn't really need to be told of your beliefs; they show through all you do. Hang tough - - you may lose one or two, but your core values will attract even more. I'm a retired federal worker who's done a lot of voice-over in the past. When looking over the online services, this one stood out like a polished diamond among uncut stones. Though I'm only a "free" member, I'll be upgrading as soon as I complete my "studio". Keep up the excellent work, and may you never shrink from linking the word "Christian" with "values". The world needs more like you!

        Posted by:
        • Ron Altman
        • June 24, 2006 8:23 AM

          Thank you all for your support and for commenting on the blog!

          It is very encouraging to hear, and inspires our work.

          Best wishes,


          Posted by:

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