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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 23, 2006

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We've just finished moving our entire blog over to Voices.com. Whew, what a journey!


We have some exciting news to share with you!

As of today, our blog is now hosted on Voices.com!!!!

You might have found this post because you were reading our old InteractiveVoices blog. Thank you for making the leap :)

The new blog is in many ways bigger and better.

For instance, you'll be able to read articles organized in categories and have a keyword search tool available to you to find topics that are of the utmost interest to you :)

It is also easier to comment on the blog, so if you ever hesitated on the old blog because of technical issues, you'll be able to post your thoughts as freely as they flow.

You are going to love it!


Stephanie and David

P.S. All past blog posts have been moved over to the new blog (this very blog that you are reading), including the comments.

Continue to enjoy and discover new posts that you haven't seen before!


    Just a quickie to say how delighted I am with the direction you're going in! Not being 9 years old, I've had occasional techno problems in getting blog reply to you. With all the replies you get...I sometimes feel like a comedian who's doing his routine after the guy before him already gave the punch line. I'll have to be quicker in the future. All the best,
    Bob Green

    Posted by:


      It's great to see your new blog home. I've posted a quick note about it on my voice-over blog here:


      Be well,

      Posted by:


        Thank you for your comments, and I'm thrilled that you two are enjoying the new Vox Daily blog.

        Bob Green, thank you for being a part of our team since the beginning. It means a lot.

        A special thank you also to Bob Souer and Karen Commins for linking to Vox Daily in their blogs.

        With your encouragement and the support of the voice industry, Voices.com is really starting to feel like home sweet home to all of us :)


        Stephanie and the Voices.com Team

        Posted by:

          I have found your website but I don't understand how I can apply or audition for any voiceover position. Can you help, please?

          Posted by:
          • Roger Bowers
          • June 26, 2006 11:44 AM

            Hi Roger,

            Thank you for your interest and welcome!

            We'll be sending you some information as requested shortly.

            Take care,


            Posted by:

              Hello, my name is Caroline. I need help finding a job doing voice overs. If you can tell me where to start looking for a job as a voice over person that would help very much. Thank You very much.

              Posted by:
              • Caroline
              • June 27, 2006 12:56 PM

                Stephanie, thanks for leaving a comment on my Trafcom News blog. Now I am subscribed to YOUR blog. Just what I needed - another feed! ;-))

                Posted by:

                  Hi Caroline,

                  Thank you for your comment and it's nice to meet you!

                  I'll be in touch shortly.



                  Posted by:

                    Keep up the great work on your blog.

                    Best wishes,


                    Posted by:
                    • WaltDe
                    • August 31, 2006 10:41 PM

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