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What's hot in Black Hills & the South Dakota Badlands? Gregory Boeder knows!


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 6, 2006

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South Dakota is one lucky state to have Gregory Boeder, truly an American treasure.


If you're looking details on what's going on in Black Hills and the South Dakota Badlands, you need go no further than listen in to one of Gregory Boeder's live remote recordings!

I had the opportunity to catch up with Gregory Boeder via email about his live voice-overs and love of South Dakota. If I were going to the states to visit, my next trip would be to the roving reporters stomping grounds, head down to the Black Hills and maybe dig me up a dinosaur in the Badlands.

Gregory is a freelance audio reporter with a background in broadcast radio, able to deliver audio and imagery to stations covering events and happenings in Black Hills and the Badlands.

He prides himself as being a field reporter, and is happy to work with radio stations and other companies seeking content.

Although you'd think he always lived in South Dakota, truth be known that he moved out here:

"I fell in love with the Black Hills when my family first came here on vacation when I was 11 years old....and when I moved here 12 years ago.....it felt like home even before I unpacked my rental truck!"

As his love affair with the state grew, so did his passion to spread the word about his adopted home to people near and far, often leading to memorable summer vacations.

Here's just a snippet of Gregory's reporting style:

These hills are so rich in history. Many don't know that this is the center of the universe for most Native American cultures and are considered to be so sacred to them, that before the mid-late 1800's natives would only enter the Black Hills to pray, sometimes for days at a time.

It's a very spiritual place, as some say, and has a healing effect on many of those who come here. Hot Springs is a popular destination in the southern hills.

With winding roads through the 100 square miles of Ponderosa Pines here, it's a pleasure to explore... Whether you're on a two wheeler motorcycle or mountain bike, or a fully loaded RV!

The Black Hills actually pre-date the Rocky Mountains and are home to many active geological digs, including The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, which was featured on The Discovery Channel's "Raising The Mammoth." Remember "Sue" the T-Rex that was discovered here and sent to a museum in Chicago after being auctioned at Sotheby's?

I have digital photography equipment so for those who can accomodate, I could sent pics of where we are too. Plus I always travel with my partner "Bear" who is a wolfdog I rescued when he was only 1 year old.

Remember "TWO SOCKS" from the Kevin Costner movie "Dances With Wolves"? That was shot out here. Also, the Ford Motor Company maintains a ranch of free roaming mustangs here which is a huge attraction as well.

Another attraction that comes to mind is Bear Country, a unique drive-thru wildlife park that features over 100 bears roaming free along with wolves and wild cats.

There's a Reptile Gardens next door, which has many 'up close and personal' shows that teach us about everything from crocs and alligators to eagles and falcons in their 'birds of prey show.' They are also the ONLY private establishment in the world to house the ultra rare Komodo Dragons!

There's even an 1880 Train that takes you on the original railroad from Hill City to Keystone....and dozens of little 'bed & breakfast' type homes scattered throughout the hills.

It's hard to imagine a better place to plan a vacation, no matter where you're from, or what your cultural background is.

The weather right now is perfect, but we always experience a few surprises, even in the summertime. I remember once going on the short 40 minute drive through the awesome Spearfish Canyon and experiencing everything from sunshine to rain and thundershowers to a small snow shower - all in the middle of summer. And fall here is incredible too!

We are one of the most popular destinations for Summer travelers. Mt Rushmore will have a HUGE fireworks display on the 4th of July!
Also, families can visit the Crazy Horse Memorial which is BIGGER than Mt Rushmore with several blasts celebrated all year long, and the annual Sturgis Bike Rally in August which draws in about 1,000,000 people from all over the world to a town of about 5,000 the rest of the year.

This huge event runs ten days starting Aug 4th and features many top headliner bands at several venues every night!

Gregory will be sending in reports over the summer from the Black Hills and the South Dakota Badlands, so keep your eye out!



P.S. If you are a freelance roving reporter, whether audio or audio / video (a podcast would be great), email me and we'll ensure that your voice and news is heard on the blog!

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