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Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 12, 2006

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Where do you find your royalty-free music and sound effects?

man-finding-music.jpgWhile we're on the subject, I thought we'd bring in some feedback from a recent discussion and from past posts on VOX Daily about where to find royalty-free music.

Brian Haymond (Brian in Charlotte) finds royalty-free music and sound effects online at www.Sound-Ideas.com and www.DigitalJuice.com, two resources for music and effects. Brian also has some elements from GarageBand that make for excellent watermarks in his custom demos.

Ron Harper suggested that there are many buy-out music libraries on the Internet.

Of course, there is always the library at Voices which is free to access as well as use. I'm not certain about the other sites, but you can find some good pieces and sound effects here as well.

If you know of any other resources, leave a comment!



P.S. What do you charge your clients for adding royalty-free music? Include your answer with your comment :)

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    You can try Opuzz.com for 100% royalty free music.

    From what we've heard, talents usually charge the paid amount purchased for the royalty free track (with mark-up margin) plus their effort to edit. Others throw it in for free. Really depends on how much your charge is for the cold voice over. If charging $1000 or more, some may throw in the royalty free music in for free.

    Posted by:
    • Vivian
    • August 21, 2006 12:04 AM

      Try NEO Sounds (www.neosounds.com). There are a lot of quality Royalty-Free Music on the site.

      Posted by:
      • Steven
      • November 4, 2006 6:12 PM

        IB Audio supplies a modern range of royalty free music if you are looking to spice up your productions.

        Posted by:
        • Ian
        • March 7, 2007 4:34 PM

          Thanks for keeping all of us updated on recent events regarding royalty free music licensing. As a music composer and producer, I appreciate your commentaries and look forward to more.

          My best to you!

          -Jack Waldenmaier, President and Executive Producer, The Music Bakery

          Posted by:

            Listen and enjoy new French royalty free music library www.dreamloops.com !
            There's a lot of quality music... listen to the difference!

            Posted by:

              Another music library where you can find good price/quality music tracks:

              Posted by:

                I offer a variety of royalty free instrumental tracks under a commercial allowed creative commons license. You can use them for videos, podcasts, etc.



                Posted by:

                  Since I am a composer, I write my own music. That's as about as free (barring production time), as free can be. (I was a professional musician for many years - jazz, symphonic works, session singer...)

                  I've got a pretty extensive inventory, and also do custom work.

                  If they want to hear a "for instance" of my writing, they can check out "Some Blue, Some Not" - by C. J. Kahlenberg on iTunes. This was something I produced about ten years ago, all live.

                  Now I work mostly on the (Mac) computer and use sampling. There are some wonderful samples available out there, and I have some of the top ones available. It's incredible what is available these days.

                  If you listen to my voices.com demos, listen to the "need music" demos I have posted to illustrate the point.

                  If your other talent is interested, they can contact me.

                  Fees are ad hoc.

                  Posted by:

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