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Voice Artist Laurence Fuller Rises to Excellence

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 25, 2006

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Voice of the current UK X-Box campaign in movie theatres and on television, Laurence Fuller aspires to achieve vocal greatness online at Voices.com.

laurence-fuller-voice-artist.jpgThe voice industry has great expectations for Laurence Fuller, a young voice artist who has recently been accepted by the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, a position awarded to Fuller over 3000 other hopefuls. Old Vic is alma mater to some of the finest voices in the world, including internationally renowned actors Patrick Stewart, Peter O'Toole, Daniel Day-Lewis, Brian Blessed and Jeremy Irons.

An up and coming voice artist to look out for, Laurence comes by his talent naturally. His father, the late Peter Fuller, was an esteemed art critic and author, who along with his wife (Laurence's mother) Stephanie Burns, greatly influenced their son's appreciation for performance and attention to detail. Laurence gave the introductory speech at this year's Peter Fuller Memorial Lecture at Tate Britain. Laurence plans to write a script during his schooling at Old Vic about his father and perform the leading role once he has graduated.

The eyes of the voice industry have been watching Laurence's ascent to vocal stardom. Recently, Laurence's talents were acquired by the London talent agency Lip Service, representing talent the likes of Hugh Laurie, Neve Campbell, Jamie Theakston and David Baddiel. This past week, Laurence chose to pursue freelance voice work at Voices.com, the voice marketplace, and was received by the company with open arms.

Laurence has a youthful full-bodied sound, foreshadowing greatness to come. His crisp, cordial voice artistry is both engaging and clever and is accessible to both those with an appetite for refinement and the average bloke on the streets of London.

Laurence Fuller's recent voice work includes voice-overs for X-Box, Fisher Price, and Lip Service. Laurence's voice work for the X-Box campaign is currently in cinemas, on the Internet, and on TV stations all across the UK. He is the voice of the Fisher Price toy, Little People Market”. Laurence can perform three distinct English accents, those of Great Britain, RP English (also known as BBC English / top of the scale), and Australia.



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