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Women in Animation Workshop


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 24, 2006

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Ladies, want to polish your animation voice-over skills? Well, don't wait a minute longer. Read this post!

Here's a fantastic opportunity for you:

Susan Berkley (GreatVoice.com) is hosting a Women in Animation event at Edge Studios in NYC on July 29-30. Taught by Pat Fraley and Hillary Huber, the event also features an afternoon in the booth with Leslie Zaslower, the casting director for Nickelodeon!

pat-fraley.jpgThis will be an exclusive, necessarily expensive, boutique style event for only 12 women. As of this morning there is only 1 space left. This is a fantastic opportunity for female voice talent (serious beginner through pro) to develop their own stable of highly marketable character voices.

You'll start working remotely with Pat before the workshop even begins and walk away with all your studio trax on CD.

The first 5 spaces were snapped up by women who had attended the last Women in Animation event in NY (including Susan). They couldn't wait to come back for more!

Truth be known, Susan has never considered herself to be a cartoon-y person. She made her career doing the "straight stuff"-- but now Susan Berkley is ready to come out of the box, expand her range and creativity for commercials, audio publishing, video games and the like.

This is your opportunity to hone your skills, too.

nancy-cartwright-bart.jpgThis event is well worth it for anyone who cares about getting the very best coaching for their career. Pat Fraley has done over 4,000 cartoons. He is also Nancy Cartwright's coach (the voice of Bart Simpson). In fact, some big name Hollywood Actors are studying with Pat and Hillary so they can book those lucrative animation gigs.

For further information on this workshop, visit Susan Berkley's website or call her office at 201-541-8595 during east coast business hours.

As I mentioned above, Susan told me that there is only 1 seat left and the event is this weekend.

If you go, have a great time!


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    I had the privilege of attending the NYC Women in Animation workshop in May and wish that I could be there this weekend. You can read full details about it and see pictures on my blog at www.KarenBlogs.com. It was an AMAZING class! The 12 women who are take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the masters will forever benefit from their decision. I want a full report when the class is over! :)

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