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Beli Sullivan Storyteller


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 24, 2006

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Beli Sullivan, a fan favorite from "Stellaluna" and heard nation wide on Clear Channel Worldwide, has recently joined Voices.com.

beli-sullivan-voice-artist.jpgEver since she was little, Beli Sullivan has been telling tales, some taller than others. Fascinated by radio, young Belinda would listen for hours at a time, mimicking on-air personalities and aspiring to a career of her own in theater and storytelling.

Upon hearing a broadcast of Orson Welles' famous "War of the Worlds", Beli was well on her way to creating characters and making the stories she told her own. Beli graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Drama at San Francisco State University and later augmented her education with courses at the Academy of Radio Broadcasting.

Beli's career began as a storyteller, a profession she enjoyed for eight years. Her ability to voice multiple roles quickly set her apart and it wasn't long before prominent companies came courting her with job offers, most notably Broderbund Living Books.

As the voice of "Mother Bat" in Broderbund Living Books' "Stellaluna", Beli's reception with children is near celebrity status. Beli intimated of her celebrity, "I'm a huge hit with kids when they find this out." When visiting children at their homes, Beli likes to scan the bookshelves for "Stellaluna" products, and more often than not, she spots a book or CD.

Presently, Beli is employed as a producer and voice artist in commercial radio for Clear Channel Worldwide (CCSF). Beli was also recently elected onto the board of directors for WAM, Women's Audio Mission, whose goal is to change the FACE of Sound.

Beli Sullivan is versatile and polished. When you listen to Beli, you get immersed in everything from NPR style reads to upbeat, contagious, pure energy.

In early 2007, Beli has plans to launch a storytelling website where she can feature her own brand of out of the box quirk in a multi-media format. She currently works from a professional home recording studio with 24 hour turnaround time and access to ISDN.

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    I love your voice and your technique. I am just breaking into the VO business and wonder if you can offer some pointers on getting starting and getting work.



    Posted by:
    • Jimmy Jackson III
    • September 11, 2008 9:20 AM

      Hey Jimmy,

      Thanks for the compliment. The best advice I can give you is to just be yourself, and bring great energy to every part you do. Most times... it's not about your voice at all, but simply matching the clients 'idea for the sound of the voice'.

      Good luck!

      Posted by:

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