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Voice123 New Voice Over Category


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 7, 2006

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If you are a member of Voice123 or are considering it, you need to read this post.

Voice123 recently added some new categories to their voice over recording options. One of the categories is for "Adult Content Recordings”, meant specifically to promote voice-overs with mature, sexual content.

The team at Voices.com would like to assure all of our members that this type of work is never posted on our site.

We will not condone adult material by recognizing it as its own special category, nor endorse those recordings as business as usual. We feel this reflects on you, your colleagues, and their clientele.

Promoting this type of work affects the most vulnerable of members, children under the age of 18. Sexual predators will view this as an opportunity to contact their prey.

As a moral issue, we hope that our position is clear to all who use and participate with our site.

How do you feel about the new Voice123 "Adult Content Recordings" category?


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    Thanks Stephanie for stepping out to address this important issue.

    I know that if I were a voice talent, I would never want to be subjected to making a moral decision about the kind of voice-over work I'm "willing to do". For that reason, our team would never impose such a decision on the members of this site.

    After some reflection, I've concluded there are two ways a voice-over website can go. You either take the high road, stick to your values, business ethics and inner convictions -- or you make quick decisions, attempting to reach some untapped market, even if many see such actions as questionable.

    Just because an area of this business exists, doesn't mean it needs to be promoted.

    I believe we've made the right choice to not include, approve or promote any adult content material at Voices.com

    Thanks again Stephanie for your leadership and strong position.

    All the best,


    Posted by:
    • David
    • September 7, 2006 8:41 PM


      I am a subscriber of Voice123.com as well as Voices.com and noticed that category as having been added a short time ago.

      I admire and support your principled stand.

      Be well,

      Posted by:


        As a new voice talent eager to work, I am member of Voice123 as well as Voices.com. I have been contacted on more than one occasion by Voice123 with regard to voicing projects with mature content. It's hard to say no to a paying job, but I stand firm in my decision to not lend my voice to projects of this nature. I applaud Voices.com for taking the high road by not even posting them.

        Best Regards,

        Alan Simmons

        Posted by:

          Stephanie and David, I honestly respect your convictions and your right to conduct your business however you see fit. All the same, I think your members are probably capable of deciding for themselves the types of projects they would like to participate in. Being able to make what David believes is a moral decision is part of everyday life.

          More importantly, not everything adult oriented leads to pedophilia (thank goodness). That kind of false connection is frankly destructive, and probably insulting to those of us who have healthy and mature attitudes towards sex between concenting adults.

          Voice123's decision to add that category doesn't mean they promote porn. "Adult content" can mean many things, including sexual education or erotic romance. I'd have to see the script. I frankly won't promote hate, racism or what I consider deviant sexual behavior, and can well afford to turn down those jobs. In fact, I also don't like telemarketing and don't want to be the voice that interrupts someone's dinner. The point is I'm capable of deciding for myself. Membership should afford people that privilege.

          That's one reason I was more comfortable signing on with Voice123 for full membership and have yet to buy a one-year membership with you despite the fee being half the price. Nevertheless, you both provide a remarkable service here and that's not diminished as a result of your decision to preclude adult-oriented voice over jobs.

          Posted by:

            Hi Nikki,

            Thank you for sharing your feelings about this issue.

            True, everyone has different opinions on the subject and is entitled to their own opinion. As you have acknowledged, ours is to deny job postings with adult, questionable, or mature subject matter.

            As you have noted, there is a fairly substantial gray area concerning the various recordings that could be classified under the umbrella of adult content.

            Certainly, not all mature recordings lead to pedophilia. It was not the intent of the original post to suggest that.

            The simple truth is that there are children on this website, and when it comes down to it, those individuals need protection which translates to not promoting jobs that may be construed as sexually inappropriate or degrading.

            Since we are responsible for the wellbeing of all our customers and care deeply about their experiences at our website, we have decided not to present those types of opportunities at Voices.com.

            Talents who record adult content or recordings of a mature nature will be found by those seeking them through the search engines but not through job postings at Voices.com.

            We stand by our decision, respect your thoughts, and wish you success in your endeavors.


            Stephanie Ciccarelli

            Posted by:

              I feel it is important for individuals to make their own decisions when it comes to their professional careers. They will live with their decision-- it's up to them how they conduct themselves. There's a market for everyone and many genres-- who offers work and who accepts that work is private business.

              Posted by:
              • Chris McCalla
              • May 15, 2014 8:27 PM

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