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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 20, 2006

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Find out why professional voice overs have stopped investing in search engine advertising and are doing all of their online voice marketing at Voices.com.

voice-marketer-voicesdotcom.jpgWhy pay for sponsored search engine advertisements when we bring the Internet's traffic to you at Voices.com?

The decision to stop paying search engines advertising dollars occurs when a voice talent realizes that all of the traffic (that is, people looking to hire voice talent) online is usually directed to voice marketplaces, partially because of high natural (non-paid, relevancy based) search engine rankings or their ability to aggressively market through sponsored ads.

The cost of ranking #1 for keywords using Google AdWords is staggering. Popular keywords such as "voice overs" or "voice talent" go for approximately $2 a click. And that's just one click. Those keywords are searched for hundreds of times a day. Imagine the cost to you if only 1 person out 300 who clicked through your advertisement actually converted as a customer.

The price of customer acquisition would be $598 ($600 in advertising to gain one customer at $2 per click). That one customer cost you $598 to bring to your website.

Now, assuming that you received work from this visitor, let's say a $200 voice job, you have actually lost money on that customer. Because it cost $598 to bring them to your site, their payment to you of $200 still leaves you having spent more on advertisements. At the end of the day, there is no profit and your margin of loss would be $398.

That may seem extreme, but there are people who do lose more money on average than they make when using search engine pay-per-click programs.

The answer to that, you might say, is to spend less money on the keywords but still be visible in the sponsored results.

This is where unseen disadvantages creep in. The search engines have structured their programs as such that the lower you bid on a given keyword, the less likely you will be served as an advertisement, resulting in less relevancy which leads to fewer clicks and a poor click-through rate.

At the end of the day, individuals who bid low often lose money and relevancy.

What is the answer to this dilemma?

Easy. Let us bring all of the clients to you and be your voice marketer.

As a member of Voices.com, you will receive the following customer acquisition tools and benefits:

• A featured listing on the #1 ranked website in Google for many voice over related keywords, including the sought after keyword "voice overs"
• A variety of traffic visiting the Voices.com website bringing a cornucopia of jobs
• Search engine optimized website capabilities
• Leading edge technology and SEO tools

That being said, Premium and Preferred members of our service receive even more benefits and are given the ability to communicate directly with clients who post jobs at Voices.com. In addition to the Featured Talent Categories and priority ranking in the search results, these talent are also able to market their voices more effectively by using our service as their primary online marketing tool.

We know how to work with the search engines to bring clients looking for voice-overs to our website. Our SEO (search engine optimization) strategies are in place, evolving with the engines and consumers who use the engines themselves.

Our specialty is marketing.

Many talent say that they have been contacted for work directly through their Voices.com websites. Some talent find work exclusively through our voice talent search engine. Each one of those clients was marketed to, converted and paid for by Voices.com, regardless of how they found and hired a voice for their project.

As I mentioned earlier, Premium and Preferred members enjoy higher ranking in the search results. Premium members are given priority ranking, ranking higher than any other level of talent membership.

It is quite possible to be hired for work through the Featured Talent Categories or through the search more often than it is to be hired through an audition for a job posted at the website. This is particularly of interest to talent who have limited time to audition for jobs and want to be hired directly based upon their MP3 voice over demos.

With Voices.com as your voice marketer, you will save time, money, and gain an abundance of tools to help you reach customers online.

Best wishes,


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