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Musings in a Hair Salon

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 21, 2006

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What kind of voice-overs are talked about in a hair salon? Find out!

voice-overs-haircut.jpgOn a recent visit to Berkana Salon, I had some time to chat it up with fellow customers while we had our tresses trimmed and found out what the average person thinks about voice-over and what makes voice-overs memorable long after they've been heard.

A political science student from the University of Western Ontario was to my right and to my left was a university aged brunette. The political science student was reading a novel when I asked him who his favorite voice talent was.

He replied that he really likes the male voice talent who records for banking commercials on the CBC.

The young woman said that she loved the IKEA voice talent for his quirky, humorous, off the wall interpretations and Scandinavian accent.

One of the salon employees chimed in that she liked the IKEA voice talent too... 2 votes for Mr. IKEA.

The young woman's mother had just purchased a new Acura with a GPS system in it and commented on how the only voice available was a female voice. There were no male voices to pick from, I asked? No, she replied, but thought it would be a good idea to have both a male and female voice to choose from.

During the conversation, someone piped up that they wanted to know who that "movie trailer voice" was, you know, the same guy that voices all of the big ticket trailers. "Why, that's Don LaFontaine, of course!" I replied. Shortly after, I was able to relay that Don has voiced over 4000 movie trailers and started his career as a movie trailer copy writer, something that astounded the entire salon.

That was just my experience.

What about yours?

Feel free to leave a comment!


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    It wasn't a hair salon, but about 2 weeks ago my wife and I were at the baby doctor (our first is due Jan 25th) and the doctor said, "This is terribly unprofessional of me but I just have to know what is a voice actor?" She'd seen where my wife had written Voice Actor as my occupation for their files. That led to a nice discussion on commercials (she likes Gene Hackman's vo stuff) and radio imaging. It was very amusing.

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