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Why People Choose Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 27, 2006

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why-people-choose-voicesdotcom.jpgOne of the keys to success is knowing your strengths. When you become aware of your strengths, you can focus more clearly on them and continue to excel.

Why did you choose to work with Voices.com? We'd appreciate hearing your thoughts :)

You've probably gone through a similar exercise at some point in your career before, and we'd like to ask you for your opinion on what you feel we do best.

By learning more about the aspects you love most about our service, we can serve you even better!

How do we make your experience exceptional or out of the ordinary?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,




    Voices.com doesn't have the largest number of auditions, but that doesn't matter; because the quantity is fine and the percentage of audition opportunities that are high quality is first class.

    Keep up the great work.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      Here's my comments/personal experience with Voices.com

      -I originally signed up with Voices.com because in searching for online casting services they repeatedly ranked in the top 2 or three in my searches...VERY important because when potential clients are looking for talent, Voices.com pops up and thus the greater possibliity of another audition for me.

      -The fee structure for membership is fair and makes sense.

      -Here is a key thing as well: (now this is gonna look like I'm trying to curry favor but, there is no gain for me whatsoever because Voices.com cannot offer me anymore than what they have available to all members) Voices.com is aggressive on behalf of the talent and the talent seeker.

      EXAMPLE: This blog is a perfect illustration of their commitment to the talent. Stephanie's work and diligence is really unmatched at this point. As well, they are always marketing and getting in the face of talent seekers, which in turn bodes well for talent.

      Quick Testimony: I have a friend who is very well known in the voiceover business and he actually dropped his subscription to another service as he found them to be inferior in many ways to Voices.com. Voices.com seems to attract talent seekers with larger production budgets.

      I'll sign up again...I have covered the cost of my subscription about 200 times in the past year.

      Posted by:

        Voices.com, in my opinion, has become the online service of choice. They consistently have higher paying productions cast through them and they market themselves very well.

        When I first looked for a service, I Googled keywords and without fail, Voices.com (then Interactivevoices.com) came up in the top 2. This is for me, and should be for all those considering a service, CRITICAL. I can't tell you how many times I have heard producers tell me "this is the first time I have used a service like this...I just searched the web..." So, Voices.com's marketing efforts have paid off very well indeed for me.

        I must also make a point of commenting on Stephanie. She does a superior job with the blog and really does provide a service to talents and talent seekers.

        Finally, I have heard people on forums asking "should I consider signing up with one of those casting services...I'm not sure if I will make my money back or not". Well, I am happy to report that in the last year (July to July) I have earned back my subscription fee over 200 times!! So, my answer is YES ,of course, you should strongly consider joining "one of those casting services"...I would put VOICES.COM as the first one on the list!!

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