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Ad Man Meets Voice Girl


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 28, 2006

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Check out the video, then share it from YouTube.

Ever wondered what the co-founders of Voices.com do in their spare time?

They work!

Watch the video on VOX Daily or click through to YouTube to watch and rate the movie there.

So, what do you think?

If you like what you see, let us know and we'll make more of these videos.

If the idea sparks some interest, we'll hire professional voice talents (maybe you!) to record the voiceovers for these promo videos to help spread the word about the #1 Voice Marketplace, Voices.com :)



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    Hi Stephanie,

    Well you guys certainly know a thing or two about networking and marketing! Kudos to you all!

    The video is an excellent concept to get the message even further out there.

    Using YouTube is a very effective resource considering its popularity and association with Google.

    Personally, I would like to see "the real team" presenting the message as opposed to the animated version.

    I think the team approach of both you and David (if not everyone at Voices) would give the message a more personal and professional touch.

    Again, great concept in my view (no pun intended).

    Way ta Go!


    Blair Wilson

    Posted by:

      Hey Stephanie!

      Very cool!!! I think you need to do bunches more and get them out there circulating. How about a MySpace page? Seems the thing to do these days...

      I'll be happy to record the VO's for you on trade too!

      The site looks great and the additional marketing is of benefit to all of us. I dropped my membership on another site because the value that I get at Voices.com is so far and away the best. Keep up the great work!!

      Scott Diskin

      Posted by:

        Hi Scott,

        Thanks for the support!

        We do have a MySpace page. I should really write about it. So far, we have some voice talent friends (Gary Kriebel, to name one) at MySpace.

        I'll blog that today :)

        Voices.com is also a part of LinkedIn - add us to your connections if you're with them too.

        Here's a link to my MySpace page:




        Posted by:

          I liked your video and your MySpace page. "Babette's Feast" is also one of my favorite films -- so funny and sweet, great acting. I was delighted to see it listed on your page.

          Posted by:

            Way cool!

            Posted by:

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