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Some Lighter Fare: Frank and Gordon


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 16, 2006

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Need a change of pace? Take a break with us as we examine Frank and Gordon, the most talked about Beavers north of the 49th parallel, courtesy of Bell Canada and created by leading Quebec advertising agency, Cossette Communication Group.

The two most active beavers on the Canadian television scene are back with holiday commercials clad in hockey gear and promoting the services of telephone service provider, Bell Canada.

For a little while, Frank and Gordon have been on the sidelines, last seen during campaigns that ran during the Olympic Games in Turino.

We blogged about them primarily because of the voices behind the Bell beavers, Norm MacDonald and Ken Campbell.

Well, folks, the beavers have returned, but their web presence has been somewhat diminished, limited to the Bell Canada website as seen below:

Bell Canada Beavers

As noted and confirmed on the blog Strategic Marketing Montreal the FrankandGordon.com website is unavailable and the FrankandGordon.ca website now redirects to the Bell home page.

If you recall, the Canadian version of the Frank and Gordon website was not started by Bell but by Ken Schafer. Perhaps Bell bought Ken's website?

The saga continues...

Are you a fan of Frank and Gordon?




    Love the beavers & their videos. Especially during the past Olympics. They had a cute way of representing Canada. Whether they are spokesbeavers for a product, they still had the humour to make one laugh. I hope they never give up the commercials and if they do, I hope someone will pick up their contracts. They are humorous and are well loved in this family. The best to them both and to their creators. I hope they are going to be in Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

    Posted by:
    • lana
    • January 22, 2007 2:00 PM

      I really like the the adorable duo, but ya know they are only advertising mascots used to hook the public with their cuteness, rather then giving the public good deals and decent service.

      I have taken enough aggravation from Bell Canada on many levels, as you will read if you take the time to visit my web page.
      Your truly.
      D. of the D. Consortium.

      Posted by:

        Frank and Gordon:

        Our family loves these guys, my son has as many of their videos he can find. we know there advertsing icons, but if they are going to do it anyway. Bell Beavers are at least entertaining and humorous. Frank and Gordon are "GREAT". KEEP IT UP GUYS. Wish you had a show of your own.

        Posted by:
        • l w salsbury
        • March 13, 2008 2:01 PM

          The Bell Beavers are the very best commercials on TV and radio. They are not only very entertaining and hillarious, but they get their point across about the Bell products and when our contract runs out with Rogers, I am switching over to Bell. I definately want them to stay around for a long time ... please don't ever get rid of them. I will never switch my home phone to anything other than Bell.

          The commercials are the best!!!!!

          Posted by:
          • Carol Carter
          • June 9, 2008 6:42 AM

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