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Brian Haymond, EA Sports' NFL Head Coach” voice, Renews contract with Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 9, 2006

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Brian Haymond, a voice actor whose talent features prominently as the Head Coach in EA Sports' NFL Head Coach” video game, recently renewed his contract with Voices.com, the #1 voice marketplace.


Relocating from Northern Virginia to Los Angeles, California in 1987 was both literally and figuratively one of the best career moves Brian Haymond has made.

Training under the tutelage of legendary voiceover and radio personality, M.G. Machine Gun” Kelly, and studying at the renowned Weist-Barron-Hill Studio in Burbank provided Brian with a solid foundation and instilled many of the character traits that keep clients coming back to him again and again.

When interviewed earlier this month, Brian Haymond confided that his voice acting success is rooted in providing Professional, high quality voice acting with rapid turnaround and an attitude that focuses on quality elements for a positive collaboration”, which in turn, develops enduring business relationships that encourage clients to hire Brian for ongoing work.

Brian, who now resides in Charlotte, NC, also offered My passion for voiceover and the creative challenge it entails has me as excited about it today as it did two decades ago.”

Best known for his conversational delivery and range of vocal abilities, Brian finds inspiration in the creative challenges of the roles that he plays, defining his career through vocal versatility.

His good-natured business approach and mastery of the vocal arts yields a combination of attributes that has identified him as both a sought-after voice actor and an adviser to talent with voice acting aspirations.

When contacted by those desiring to know my thoughts as to how they can get started in voiceover, one of the things I tell them is you MUST secure a subscription to Voices.com, without question. Voices.com is a vibrant source of auditions and truly at the top of the list when it comes to online services”, Brian stated.

Brian Haymond is a real team player. His vocal abilities astound clients and his generosity of spirit inspires others, including both his voice acting colleagues and those new to the industry, sources say.

Recently, Brian Haymond signed on to be the wrap-around voice for a Los Angeles radio program, starting in January of 2007.



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    I agree with Brian. You folks at Voices.com are first class all the way.

    Be well,
    Bob Souer

    Posted by:

      Wow! What a great endorsement for voices.com. Also, this was an eye opener for me since I thought I had to live in LA or the San Fran area to voice in the game industry.

      Thanks for the post,


      Posted by:

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