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Ralph Hass Shoots and Scores as TV Imaging Voice of the Buffalo Sabres, the NHL's Top Team


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 7, 2006

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Ralph Hass Voiceover ArtistVoiceover artist Ralph Hass has really got the gig down pat. Ralph, official voice of the Buffalo Sabres, has recently renewed his relationship with Voices.com, the official voice marketplace.

Breaking into the broadcast industry in his last year of high school, Ralph's chosen profession as a voiceover artist has matured over the years by setting goals and maintaining professionalism, patience, persistence, and nurturing a passionate dedication for his craft.

Ralph Hass recently began working for the NHL team the Buffalo Sabres as their official voice on the MSG network.

Ralph records the opening to the TV broadcasts as well as many of the sponsored reads heard throughout the games.

He now bears the enormous responsibility of branding the hockey club with his voice on television, giving the Sabres an audio edge, both with their fans and in the ratings.

Matt Gould, Feature Producer of the Buffalo Sabres says, "Ralph really has the voice and it's a very adaptable one. I recently returned with some powerful documentary footage from Tanzania and Ralph read my script with the required care and compassion. I then turned to him to voice our topical opens for the Buffalo Sabres broadcasts on MSG and his energy and punch is exactly what we were looking for. We are thrilled to be working with Ralph...who REALLY has the voice!

Ralph Hass is a member of Voices.com, an online portal where people who need voices can easily find and hire talent with golden pipes.

Ralph credits Voices.com as the source of his high-profile client, the Buffalo Sabres.

Voices.com Marketing Director, Stephanie Ciccarelli, says, "When Ralph shared his news with me, I was pleased that not only had he found steady work through our web service, but that one of his top clients is currently the NHL's top team in points, the Buffalo Sabres."

Next week, five animated character voices Ralph completed for Left Behind Games will be available. The real-time strategy video game, "Left Behind: Eternal Forces", is set to be released in time for the Christmas rush.

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