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Transformers Audition Reflection - Updated


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 10, 2006

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Read our exclusive on Bryan Cox's audition experience for the highly anticipated Steven Spielberg movie, "The Transformers".

Transformers Movie AuditionLike all VO guys I get up in the morning and check the email as I have that first cup of coffee.

I noticed an email from an agent in Atlanta.

She told me that she had been working on getting this certain client for 6 months and had even sent him a watch as a special gift.

Anything to grease the wheels of Hollywood I guess.

Where was she going with this? The email ended with the words more to follow but get ready to jump on this.

A few days passed, then the email, she want me to audition for 3 parts for, get this Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.

This was for an movie that the two were working on set for release in 2007. It was called The Transformers.

I thought to myself, 'Wow Steven and Michael... this has got to be a mistake and what the heck is a transformer... is this a movie about an electrical device?'

It wasn't a mistake.

They sent me a script with 3 parts Ratchet, Iron Hide and Jazz.

There was a short description and picture of each character but nothing about how they should sound. The instructions went on to say that they wanted to hear 2 different voices for each part.

I was beside myself with excitement.

I got on the phone with the agent and asked if this was true. She assured me that it was.

Now with this info I got back on the phone calling all my friends and family telling them what had happened.

I sat down in front of the mic and started in on this amazing project.

Every syllable, in every voice had to be perfect. It took me about 4 hours to come up with 6 distinct voices. I was done and sent them in for the powers that be to sit and listen.

Now the waiting game.

I got an email saying 60 plus voices were in the running. My heart sank, but then another email saying I made the short list.

They are down to 15 guys.

I'm resolved to the fact, even if I don't get any of the parts, it's just nice to know that my little talent has been heard and sits on the shelf of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

So I sit and wait... oh is that the phone? I gotta go.

Bryan Cox

P.S. Bryan was cast! View the Transformers voice cast here.

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    I would be interested in knowing how Bryan found his voice agent in Atlanta.

    The agent issue is a continued source of frustration with me. I'm repped by VOX out of Toronto, but that's it - and I can't find a literary agent, for the writing side of my career, to take me on.

    Everyone is hoarding their current list, or waiting on the periphery to pounce on the next big literary star to become disenchanted with his or her present representation....

    Posted by:

      I think it's great that Bryan got that opportunity to audition. And very industrious of him to have found himself an agent who can promote his interests. That motivates me to get busy doing that myself. I've thought about getting an agent but I haven't done that yet. I guess this is what can happen if one has an agent.

      Posted by:

        I'm interested in voicing video games. How do I get started?

        Posted by:
        • Greg Canivet
        • November 28, 2006 11:34 AM

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