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Website Completeness


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

November 20, 2006

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Want to know how to achieve website completeness? Check out these tips on what you can do to get ahead.

website_completeness_280.gifThe old adage that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar proves true here, and for our purposes, it's clients that you are aiming to attract to your website at Voices.com.

What constitutes as honey for clients?

A complete website that prominently features your skills, abilities, and experience.

A complete website is a sure indicator of your professionalism which in turn instills confidence and a good impression of you where clients considering your services are concerned.

If your website has all of the fields completed and demos showcasing your vocal talents, you will be providing clients with all of the details they need to rate your website, save you to their Favorites, or hire you for work, an activity that also leads to ratings and being saved to their Favorites.

What needs to be completed?

If you are in your Profile, for instance, and see a number of blank fields where you have yet to enter any information, they are perfect opportunities for you to increase your VoiceRank.

When thinking of ways to help making your experience better, we created a handful of suggestions in pop-up windows to guide you when filling out your Profile.

Let's start from the very beginning (a very good place to start, you'll agree :)

These headings and descriptions are taken directly from the helpful pop-up windows in your Profile.

Login & Contact Information

Type in your contact details so that clients can contact you for work opportunities. Be sure to keep your details updated so as to not miss out on any job offers.

Display Your Contact Information

If you would like to display your address, phone number and fax number on your website, check the box to do so.

Voice Description

Your voice description provides a summary of your vocal qualities and abilities. Your voice description is also visible in the search results as well as on your website.

Description Samples

Sample 1: Jim's voice is quite versatile and has been referred to as genuine, charismatic, and hilarious. Ranging from characters such as the stereotypical football coach to a doting father, Jim is able to cater his performance into a voiceover that works perfectly for your project.

Sample 2: Annette has a wide spectrum of vocal capabilities. Trained as a classical singer, Annette's vocal elasticity and burnished tone color shines brilliantly through commercials, telephone recordings, and children's audiobook narration projects.

Sample 3: Richard's light tenor voice is caring, authoritative, and didactic. Richard specializes in recording for educational materials and has an impressive command of technical jargon for medical and scientific scripts.

Experience & Skills

Your experience and skills indicate how much training you have had, your career background, any organizations you belong to and clients you have worked for.

Mentioning specific roles you have performed or individual projects recorded will give clients an excellent idea of your professionalism, practical experience, and expertise.

You may also choose to include testimonials from clients in this field.

Studio Equipment

This area provides clients with details about your studio setup and delivery options. List the brand name of your microphone, computer, recording software and so on to build trust and establish your level of professionalism. If you work from a professional-grade home recording studio, mention that too, perhaps in the "Turnaround Time" field.

Website Themes

Pick a color theme to help personalize your website.

Choose from a number of color themes to make your website feel like home, to brand your website, and also to differentiate yourself visually.

So, we've just identified several factors that will help you to increase your VoiceRank with respect to your Profile.

Let's look at how you can further complete your website to rank higher and attract more clients.

Have you been to your Studio to upload any voice samples or images?

It behooves (benefits) you to do so, because everything is relative and is part of your strategy to not only rank higher but to encourage clients to work with you.

Uploading a voice sample is paramount to any talents success at Voices.com.

If you have a demo or many demos available for people to listen to, there will be more doors that open for you than if you do not have a demo on your website.

It is quite easy to upload a voice sample to your Studio, and considering the benefits of doing so, it often surprises me to see how many professional-grade talents have not uploaded more if not any samples to their websites.

What is usually in place of demos on their websites?

Notes to clients telling them "If you want to hear my voice, go to mywebsite.com."

Failing to immediately provide clients with the voice samples they are looking for and trying to direct them away from a website (Voices.com) that they trust, and have invested time and interest in does not bode well for a voice talent.

Why is that?

Clients who use our website have come with one goal in mind:

To find a talent, including their portfolio (voice samples), at Voices.com.

They do not come to find voices that they then have to leave the website (which is extra work on their part) to hear. Not only is that not a part of their objective, it is a waste of their time.

The result?

Talents who do not supply clients with what they are expecting of a professional will be potentially skipped over and lose the opportunity to work with them.

We don't want that to happen to you.

That's why we do everything in our power to help you succeed.

I hope this has been helpful to you and has sparked some ideas and inspiration!

Best wishes,


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    Thank you for this helpful and thorough guide.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      Hi Stephanie!
      Great info!

      Liz de Nesnera
      "Voice Tracks Voiced Right!"
      Reservoir Road Productions

      Posted by:

        Nice Refresher Stephanie!
        A good reference guide too!

        Thank you!

        Posted by:

          What is everyones opinion on head shots? Hurts your chances or helps them?

          Posted by:
          • Jenna
          • December 5, 2006 7:22 PM

            Where would we be without you Stephanie?

            Posted by:
            • Gordo
            • July 24, 2007 10:01 AM

              Hi Gordo,

              Thank you for your kind comment. I'm touched :)

              If you have any ideas or would like to hear about certain aspects of the business here on the blog or through our podcasts, please let me know.

              Thank you,


              Posted by:

                Stephanie- U-Rock! This is all such helpful info.

                Thanks for posting it!


                KK Ryder

                Posted by:

                  Thanks Stephanie!!

                  I think the changes I made to my site will make a big difference.

                  You are the best!!

                  Posted by:
                  • Jessica Levesque
                  • September 13, 2007 11:20 AM

                    I am researching on what to put on my demos. I have not done any work in the past that was recorded so I have to come up with my own stuff. Can any body give me some suggestions?

                    Posted by:

                      I am researching on what to put on my demos. I have not done any work in the past that was recorded so I have to come up with my own stuff. Can any body give me some suggestions?

                      Posted by:

                        Hi Eric,

                        Thank you for your comment and question.

                        I suggest that you check out this link to an article with suggestions on how to make a great voice over demo:


                        You can either write your own material or purchase scripts to get you going. Voices.com offers a royalty-free script collection that you can customize and work with to use as practice material or incorporate as material in a voice over demo.

                        If you are a Premium or Preferred member of Voices.com, you can access the scripts for free with your membership.

                        Check out some scripts here:




                        Posted by:

                          Great check-list...OF COURSE I need more space :) !!!

                          Posted by:

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