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We Three Kings, Hollywood Style

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

December 18, 2006

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We Three Kings Christmas

Enjoy a comical audio presentation of the three kings on their way to Bethlehem, performed by the man of over 4,000 voices, Pat Fraley.

Are We There Yet?

Dear Stephanie and VOX Daily readers,

I'm pleased to share the story of why I made the "Are We There Yet" recording with you at the VOX Daily blog.

Here's the back story:

A few years ago, my pastor, John MacArthur of Grace Community Church wrote a book entitled, "God's Gift of Christmas."

In it, many traditions are explained, and traditions peeled away from Biblical information.

I was struck at just how much tradition had "supplemented" and "fleshed-out" the information on the visitation of the Magi from the Book of Matthew.

I realized that I had been working under a kind of "Hallmark Card School of Theology."

I whipped a little script of these three Magi in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out what they knew and didn't know.

I choose my bad impressions of Sean Connery, James Earl Jones, and Jack Nicholson because they usually amuse friends and family, and, after all, this is Hollywood.

Download "Are We There Yet?" »

Merry Christmas, or whatever your tribe celebrates,

Pat Fraley

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    Pat Fraley is one of the greatest voice talents of our time (in my most humble opinion!). Thank you for posting this!

    Pat taught me how to do character voices many years ago, and I still use his techniques today!

    I encourage anyone to learn what you can from him!

    Merry Christmas Pat and everyone at Voices.com!!

    Thank you again!

    Kara Edwards

    Posted by:

      Thanks Stephanie and Pat for this lively post. It certainly brings about Christmas cheer.

      I appreciated the mid-day laugh.

      Customer Care Manager

      Posted by:


        Thank you for adding to our family's Christmas cheer. I so enjoy learning from you, both in class and out.

        Be well,

        Posted by:

          Magi-cal as always Pat! I am blessed to have you as friend and teacher!

          Happy Merry every day to you and yours.


          Posted by:

            God Bless you all in 2007,

            Angel Harper

            Posted by:
            • Angel
            • December 23, 2006 12:23 PM


              That is the perfect Christmas card. Your brand of magic and humor is unmatched! Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

              All the best,


              Posted by:
              • Paul Ginnetty
              • December 24, 2006 12:57 PM

                ...Thank you so much, Pat Fraley, for showing us all how it's done...
                "...you're probably not black anyway..." Heeheeheeheehee...

                Posted by:

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