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The Voiceover Dynamic Duo of Jessica Gee-George and Grant George

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

December 28, 2006

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The Voiceover Dynamic DuoThe Voiceover Dynamic Duo, otherwise known as Jessica Gee-George and Grant George, was formed over four years ago, bonded with an engagement and sealed with a marriage certificate.

The Voiceover Dynamic Duo, a real husband and wife voiceover team, bring authentic chemistry to voiceovers, winning Best Production and Best in Show at the 2006 Electronic Media Awards.

Their nuptial vows declared their love for each other and also merged their voiceover businesses with pleasure, launching them on a lifelong journey of discovering their love and professional admiration of each other.

The couple has found that booking jobs as a husband and wife team brings out a chemistry and synergy that can only come from two people who are intimately connected, sharing the same vision, dreams, and at times, the same brain.

When interviewed, Jessica revealed that this special connection has enabled them to anticipate and play off of each others talents simply because they are both aware of certain quirks, patterns, humor, beats and the spontaneity of their spouse.

The bond of their relationship as a husband-wife voiceover team has propelled their business partnership and prospects as well. Jessica and Grant work together frequently on commercials, ADR, cartoons, walla sessions, narration, video games, anime projects, promos and trailers. Their voice over sessions together can go from interacting as two cute, lovable Care Bears to head-to-head voice acting combat as arch rivals in videogames.

Their website, DynamicDuoVO.com showcases Grant and Jessica's voiceover work, ranging from the boyish husband and sarcastic wife, warriors for the most popular video games in the industry, touting top financial strategies, and even singing lullabies as adorable creatures that have won the hearts of children worldwide.

Literally voicing everything in between, the happily married ‘Dynamic Duo' is a force to be reckoned with and a one-stop shop covering a wide spectrum of award-winning voiceovers. This year, Jessica and Grant voiced some spots for the Golden Eagle Casino that won two awards at the 2006 Electronic Media Awards.

Jessica and Grant have phenomenal talent as individuals. When they work together, their chemistry is sublime. Jessica and Grant's dedication to each other as both husband and wife and as business partners is something to celebrate.

Coming soon, the voices of the Dynamic Duo will be heard in ‘Fly Me To The Moon', a 3-D animated feature film and also ‘The Land Before Time', both slated for release in 2007.

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