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Snow Day at Voices.com


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

December 8, 2006

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

London SnowLet me tell you, we really feel for the folks on the west coast!

Overnight, we were hit with the same snow storm that the other side of the country had earlier this past week.

There was literally 3 feet of snow - now, that's up to your waist snow for those who measure in other units :)

To give you a picture of what a southwestern Ontario snow day consists of, here's a picture for you:

• All schools are closed
• The University of Western Ontario is closed
Fanshawe College is closed
City buses are not running
• Snow plows don't make it out to the suburbs

Suffice to say, if you don't have a shovel or a plow on your street, you aren't going anywhere.

Well, do you know what the first email we received this morning was?

Jay from our client sales department emailed letting us know that he was snowed in and that he was ready to start working from home.

Laurynda is also working from home.

Carol is working from home.

David and I are working from home.

In fact, when we called Jay at 8:15 this morning, he had already started working before he emailed us.

Laurynda had also started early and is serving customers by email and web as we speak. Perhaps you've already been in contact with Laurynda today.

Bottom line:

Come sleet, or rain, or snow, or sun, Voices.com will still operate to serve you to the best of our abilities. We're dedicated, inspired, and are passionate about what we do, and we do it for you :)

This snow storm, or as we call it here, snow day, has given us the opportunity to show you how dedicated we are.

Jobs are still being posted and approved, support questions are being answered, blog posts are being written, and the ideas, yes, the ideas through all this whiteness keep coming like wildfire in the night on how to make this the best web service for you.

Are any of you snowed in? It isn't just London, ON that got a whammy this morning, that's for sure.

If you're homebound today, have the kids home for company, or somehow managed to brave the elements and are at work, leave a comment.

Gotta grab my hot chocolate - see you throughout the day.


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    That's right Stephanie. Looks like we're all online, ready to serve.

    I'm so thankful to be part of a great team of dedicated professionals.



    Posted by:

      Hello Gang!

      Glad to hear you're all working - at what you love to do!

      I'm here with ya's in London...it took me 3 hours to shovel my car out and get it running after seeing 3 feet of the white stuff!

      I decided I'd better help those in need and shovel their cars out too.

      I love my job too (in radio) but I also value my life and others around me and took a snow day.

      In all, if you are passionate about your work - you will never work a day in your life!

      Merry Christmas to all at Voices.com and thank you for your hard work, dedication and excellent customer service!


      Blair Wilson

      Posted by:

        I agree Stephanie,

        I have been busy getting jobs up for all our wonderful talent and responding to clients all morning.

        This snow is history in the making for the City of London.

        Back to work I go:)

        Have a great weekend,


        Posted by:

          No snow here in the Southland guys-n-girls, but it is bitterly cold. Take care up there!


          Posted by:

            Wow, it seems you guys from London got the brunt of it. Two and a half hours north, it looks like I managed to just get heavy snow throughout the last couple days, as opposed to all at once. ^_^

            It's amazing to know that the people running this site are so dedicated and coordinated, that even on a snowday they all naturally come together to serve us well!

            Thank you guys!


            Posted by:

              Well alright then. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words!

              I don't want to hear any more crap about how Buffalo, NY is North America's snow capital! :)

              Posted by:

                Stay warm all of you!

                Good job remaining up and running despite the town being effectively closed.

                It's a triumphant merging of technology and dedication!

                I just had a cup of hot chocolate (three marshmallows!) in your honor!

                Posted by:

                  Hi folks,

                  We got through the snow drifts and all is well in London town this week. It even reached six degrees (celcius) over the weekend.

                  Thank you for your support and comments!

                  Stephanie and the Voices.com Team

                  Posted by:

                    Send some of it down the East Coast!

                    I Wanna Ski!!!! ;-)


                    Posted by:

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