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What were your Favorite Jobs of 2006?


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 5, 2007

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Bob Souer ProductionsWith last year now in the recent past, Bob Souer took time to reflect upon some of his voiceover highlights of 2006 with VOX Daily.

Among Bob's favorite jobs of this past year were recording voiceovers for two PBS specials which were both edited and produced by Northern Light Productions. One is called "Making Sense of Place", and is part 2 of a series. Bob narrated this hour long documentary.

Read about Bob Souer's favorite jobs from 2006 and share yours with Voices.com.

The second is a collaboration between Northern Light Productions and Sam Tyler. It's a special called "Good to Great" and is based on the business book of the same name by Jim Collins. Bob was also the narrator of this hour long television documentary.

Bob also worked on several audiobooks, including a project for Argosy Publishing, an interactive dictionary of 67,000 words all of which had to be pronounced correctly! Currently he is working on an interactive medical training project for them involving 30,000 medical terms.

Critiques on Darwinian Evolution, the Da Vinci Code, a movie trailer, a host of regional/national radio and television commercials for Sky Bank, regional commercials for the Lancers minor league hockey team, a series of commercials for regional radio and television airplay for Wheeling Hospital in Wheeling, WV, dozens of PSAs, and voiceovers for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association also kept him busy in 2006.

As you know, a voice talent wears many hats.

One of the churches Bob works with is South Hills Bible Chapel. Their daily radio program is called The Journey. Bob is responsible for editing, writing, voicing, producing and delivering this program for the church each day.

That's a short list of what kept Bob humming last year.

What were your favorite voiceover projects that you worked on in the year 2006?

Share your fave jobs of 2006 by leaving a comment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    What a fun topic to join!!

    2006, well it holds a good number of great memories in terms of voiceover work...the ones that come to mind are:

    - Narrating two 2006 Aegis Award winning videos.

    - Training videos and commercials for Operation Christmas Child.

    - Narrating an EPK for R&B Hall of Famer and Grammy nominated producer (Whitney Houston's first song You Give Good Love) Michael "KASHIF" Jones.

    - Becoming the voice of Plantronics training events.

    - I am also excited to see what might happen in 2007 with a game show pilot I announced in 2006...currently being reviewed by ABC.

    - 2006 was the first full year for editing, writing wrap-arounds, voicing and producing a weekly 1/2 hour radio broadcast for one of Charlotte's largest church congregations.

    - A Zoey 101 (Nickelodeon) Promo

    - DIY's Home Theater Workshop Promos.

    - Cartoon Network Promos

    - Then there's the on-hold messages for the Winwholesale Group which has Winnelson and Winair affiliates around the country, each needing their own on-hold messages & marketing.

    - Finally, just before 2006 closed, I was hired to voice a Promo DVD for a NASCAR Nextel Cup driver...living in the Charlotte area, that's like "working at home"...wait, I do work from home!

    I think the "FAVORITE" thing about 2006 has been the variety of work...it has been quite fun and refreshing!

    Blessings to each of you in 2007!!

    Posted by:


      Thank you for this very gracious post. I have just one thing to add: 2006 was also the year that I renewed my membership at Voices.com for the first time. I'm sure it won't be the last.

      May 2007 be filled with much continued success for you, David and the entire Voices.com team.

      Be well,

      Posted by:

        Hi there,

        2006 was one of my best v/o business years ever. Such open possibilities due to all this wonderful technology, and a load of new clients and contacts.

        Favorites included the largest IVR job I ever had for LA Times which then grew to include all 11 Tribune properties.

        Also a small role of the "Fat Woman" in a full-length animated film for a German producer, entitled "The Melting Pot". (it's still in production and not yet released).

        It's really a kick to receive jobs from foreign companies, which included Russia, Sweden and a radio imaging gig for a French owned streaming Internet station.

        I look forward to what comes in my email box each day in 2007.

        May you all remain in good voice and abundant blessings to the Voices.com staff and to everyone in our v/o community.

        Bobbin Beam

        Posted by:

          What I did in 2006....

          Was honored to do the vo work for a new LEGO toy...The Aqua Raiders! Spots run in both Europe and here in the states.

          This was the first year I got to do on line training courses! I put myself in the role of a teacher in front of a class, instead of just reading copy. One of these courses was a certification class on temperament. Kind of humbling to sound like I'm teaching a subject I really knew nothing about! The other, through a company in the UK, for safety training dealing with petroleum products.

          Also completed reading the entire authorized King James Bible for an iPod type product! That was months of work!

          And I'm currently doing daily voice tracks for a Canadian radio station...http://www.GWRradio.ca.

          Plus my daily program (live) on http://www.klove.com

          And many short form narratives for various products and services.

          I have been blessed to see an increase in different types of vo work...moving away from radio spots to a variety of more challenging stuff that stretches me.

          Here's to a great 2007 for us all!

          Posted by:

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