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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 13, 2007

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Vox_Talk_Logo_225.jpgLooking for the industry's hottest and most current voice over podcast?

VOX Talk is your connection to the voice industry covering news about voice overs and voice actors, hot tips on how to grow your voice over business, technology, and a little help from your friends.

Check out VOX Talk and find out how you can get involved.

The VOX Talk podcast has been going strong for 12 episodes now with the 13th to be released later today!

We're pleased to share that we have a stellar team of contributors and correspondents that help make the show your show.

What truly makes VOX Talk unique is that all contributors to the podcast are professional voice talents.

Regular weekly correspondents include Julie Williams and Adam Fox. Julie and Adam have been a part of the team for over a month, entertaining and educating in The Biz and Tech Talk segments.

Most recently, Colin Campbell has contributed a five-part series to the Tech Talk segment, sharing his insight and knowledge of recording studio equipment.

We have also welcomed several wonderful contributors including Kristi Stewart, Bob Green, Bob Souer, David Boyll (in The Biz for episode 14) and have played audio feedback from voice talents Bob Brewster, Lora Cain, Bettye Zoller, Neetu Danani, Donna Papacosta and Mike Cain.

We've even had a promo for the podcast Tuning In With Wayne Henderson from Wayne Henderson air on VOX Talk.

Hosting the VOX Talk podcast is a special way for me to connect with our listeners and reach out to others in the industry.

So, how can you get involved?

Getting your voice on the podcast is as easy as submitting a 60 second piece for play in The Biz, Tech Talk, or some encouragement, quick tips to your peers or feedback for the podcast in the VOX Box.

Here are some of the perks for contributors to the VOX Talk podcast:

• Air time on the most popular voice over podcast
• Links to your Voices.com website
• An opportunity to share your knowledge
• A means to communicate with your peers
• Podcasting Experience
• Portfolio Credits

We stick to a regimented production schedule, recording new episodes twice a week, so the door is open for new audio commentaries, pieces, and features!

If you are interested in becoming a regular correspondent or contributor, please contact me directly to discuss your ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    Thank you Voices.com for playing the promo for my Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast during episode #7 of the VOX Talk podcast, and for including links to my blog site and to my voice-over site! I really appreciate it.


    Posted by:

      Thanks for including me in your list of contributors. You are doing a great job of creating a sense of community!

      Posted by:


        I am really enjoying the podcast- thanks for including so many great voice talent - I've really learned some great things!


        Posted by:

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