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Adam Fox of Defiant Digital Announces Podcast Production Services

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 19, 2007

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Adam Fox, producer, musician and voice actor, launches corporate podcast audio production services.

Defiant Digital Productions

Learn more about Adam's journey as a voice actor and producer at the VOX Daily blog.

Adam FoxAdam Fox recorded his first commercial voice over at the age of seven for a political campaign and has been recording and producing audio masterpieces ever since.

Bit early on by the acting bug prior performing in local theatre, voice over was a natural progression for Adam.

When his first professional commercial session had concluded, fond memories of the recording studio equipment in the radio station fed his imagination and defined Adam's future career in audio production.

In addition to offering full line audio production packages complete with music and sound effects, Adam Fox, the president of Defiant Digital Productions, presents clients with new and exciting solutions to help them reach untapped markets via podcasting, one of the hottest technological trends in entertainment and consumer outreach endeavors to be embraced by the populous to date.

When interviewed about his podcast production services, Adam volunteered, "I like to push the limits of what podcasts can do. Many podcasts these days are dry shows. There's not much production in many of them that I'm seeing. I specialize in tailoring the client's podcast to fit their needs. My clients get a fully customized piece of work from the music, effects, ambient sounds and of course topnotch voice over talent that can make a message stand out, and that's the point isn't it?"

Adam's production expertise for new media applications such as podcasting generates unique audio experiences for clients who want to reach their audiences in a new and innovative way. In addition to being a genuine voice actor and podcaster himself, Adam's passion is firmly rooted in helping others to get their messages out, crafting client projects while promoting their business ventures and achieving successful results.

When asked what inspires Adam to produce quality productions for others, he said, "Just do what you're meant to do in life. Some people are accountants and some people make coffee. I am a producer, musician and voice actor; that's what I do best, that's what makes me happy, so that's what I do."

Adam Fox's ability to inspire, teach, and create has identified him as one of the leading audio producers in the corporate podcast production field. Adam puts 110% into every project he designs, guaranteeing satisfaction and a personal touch.

Bob OakmanIn the near term, Adam's company Defiant Digital Productions will merge with Bob Oakman Productions.

Bob Oakman is the most recognized voice talent in the audio industry, recording for a wide spectrum of applications including commercials and promos that air on broadcast radio and television stations all over the country for musical artists such as Bon Jovi, Metallica, Kenny Chesney, Bob Dylan, Kid Rock and hundreds more as well as being a noted voice connected with sports such as boxing, wrestling, and motor events.

With Bob's experience in commercial voice over performance and Adam's production background and technical savvy, their merged company will be able to offer clients a turnkey solution to their advertising needs. Services to be provided include audio production and voice over for radio and TV advertisements, podcasts, new media, and web strategies.

A solid team with complementary skills, Adam Fox and Bob Oakman will elevate audio projects to the next level.

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