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Local Search: How To Optimize Your Website


By David Ciccarelli

March 2, 2007

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With mobile technology really taking off, cheaper wireless Internet access and a host of tools such as maps and recommendation engines, local search is a hot topic and one that you should build into your marketing program.

First off, what is local search?

Google lets you search for local business listings by name, keyword, or location with satellite maps.

Local search is becoming a very popular tool for people who want to get things done locally and support local businesses.

A good example of local searchers include people who only purchase local produce within a certain radius of their home. For consumers concerned about helping local farmers and contributing to the prosperity and economy of their city or region, local search has become a blessing in many ways for both buyers and sellers.

Here's a regional search for Voices.com:

Voices.com Regional Map

To demonstrate how Google can "zoom in" with local search, check this out this result for Voices.com:

Voices.com Local Map

The web has a host of useful local search articles for additional reading on this subject, but for now, let's jump right into how you can quickly optimize (position) your Voices.com website for local search queries.

5 Tips for Increasing Your Local Search Results

1. Add your address to your Voices.com profile. Check the box that says "Show my contact information on my Voices.com website" and click "Save" to ensure that your mailing address ( i.e. your location ) is displayed on Voices.com.

2. Submit your Voices.com website to the Local Search Engines. Remember that just because you're in their main "Web" search results doesn't mean you'll be in the local search results too. Add you name to the local search results to ensure you'll be listed.

3. Trade links with other local businesses. Comment on blogs that cover local news and link back to your Voices.com website, which states your address. This will give Google, Yahoo! and MSN the necessary information for creating a clear picture of your physical location.

4. Write an article about how you serve your local community. Two websites you can submit to for fast inclusion are eZineArticles.com and GoArticles.com.

5. Join local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau. These organizations validate your mailing address and link to your website.

Here are some helpful links to add your business to for listings in Local Search Engines.

Google Local Search

Yahoo! Local Search

AOL Local Search

Ask Local Search

Hope you find these tips helpful!



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