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Public Relations for Voice Talents

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 18, 2007

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Have a story to tell but don't have the words?


We can help you to share your news with the world in a professional and concise manner - let us do the public relations work for you while you do what you do best - voice overs.

Have you ever sent a press release out about your voice over business or achievements as a voice talent?

A part of what we do best is tell stories in a unique and encompassing way that highlight your specialties and strengths while introducing your services in a fresh, captivating manner.

Press releases can also be used as part of your marketing materials.

Here are five ideas that will help to stretch the mileage of your press release:

1. Cite quotations from the press release in the signature of your email, including tags like "As seen in Google news".
2. Send it to your client base via email in a newsletter
3. Post the press release to your blog
4. Submit the press release to trade magazines
5. Share your news with other voice over publications online

If you like the style of the posts you see here at VOX Daily and the press releases that we have created for others, this could very well be the best investment you'll make this year marketing your services to the media in efforts to gain priceless publicity.

To read recent press releases written and distributed by Voices.com for professional voice talents, check these links out:

Robert Jacobs Voice Welcomes New Clients

Adam Fox of Defiant Digital Announces Podcast Production Services

Voiceover Dynamic Duo Jessica Gee-George and Grant George Sweep Listeners Off of Their Feet

Ralph Hass Shoots and Scores as TV Imaging Voice of the Buffalo Sabres

When Bryan Cox Transforms His Voice, Hollywood Listens

Brian Haymond, EA Sports™ œNFL Head Coach Voice, Renews Contract with Voices.com

Kara Edwards Wins Voicey Award for Best New Voice at Voices.com

Adam Behr Wins Voicey Award for Best Male Voice at Voices.com

Those are just a recent sampling of the dozens of press releases we have written over the years for voice talents and voice actors to help them promote their voice over businesses.

The next story we tell could be about you!

Here's what one of our customers, Adam Fox, said about his experience:

"I was absolutely amazed that the information I gave to Stephanie was so well understood and interpreted. I was absolutely floored by the level of understanding of what I do, and what I am trying to accomplish that was so skillfully woven into a great press release. I HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone. I mean anyone."

A. Fox - President Defiant Digital Productions

If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity, visit this page for more information about the Voices.com Press Release Package.

If you have questions about the process, you can email me directly at stephanie@voices.com and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Send Stephanie an email



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