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Voices.com Presents at the Canadian Venture Forum


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

March 6, 2007

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Canadian Venture ForumThis could be the beginning of a new adventure for the voice marketplace.

Angels will be watching and listening in Toronto, perhaps making a decision that will significantly change the way people think of voice overs and potentially, your voice over business.

David Ciccarelli Voices.com CEOAs I write, David is on his way to Toronto where he will be presenting Voices.com for Angel Investment at the Canadian Venture Forum.

While I'm waiting on his call to confirm that he has arrived safely, let me tell you a bit about the Canadian Venture Forum and how we came to be involved with this organization of people who could help to dramatically grow and raise awareness for the voice industry overnight.

TechAllianceIt all started with our relationship with the TechAlliance. Carmen Gicante suggested that David enter Voices.com for consideration to present at the Canadian Venture Forum. Upon Carmen's strong recommendation, we were entered and after a very thorough application process, were subsequently selected to present.

The people presiding over and lecturing at the forum (conference) are Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Venture Capital Firms comprised of top tier investors from across North America.

In total, 60 companies in Canada were handpicked by a panel of North America's finest to present their case for investment in one of three streams: Angel Investment, Venture Capital, and Public Streams.

Even to be invited to present is an honour. The Canadian Venture Forum touts this event as a national showcase where the brightest and best, carefully screened quality investment opportunities meet top tier North American investors and angels.

To put it in lay terminology, this is a big deal, folks, for us and for you our stakeholders.

The opportunity is huge. For the right investor, Voices.com is a dream company to invest in.

Sean WiseYou may recall that a while back we were quoted in the Globe and Mail in an article by Sean Wise of Wise Mentor Capital about picking a business partner.

You may also recall that it was Sean who invited David to Toronto last year to audition for the CBC program Dragon's Den.

Sean Wise also happens to be chairing the Canadian Venture Forum.

It will be nice to see a friendly face at the event.

Paul KedroskyAnother friendly face from the Mesh Conference last year at the Canadian Venture Forum is key note speaker Dr. Paul Kedrosky, lecturing on the Future of Tech Investing.

As we were talking about this opportunity last night, I came to one of the same conclusions that we usually advise to you as voice talents, and for many of you, the same concept that you already agree upon and subscribe to:

We are not competing for investment, we are being selected for investment.

That statement is short and it has everything to do with attitude.

We also know that our company is worth investing in, just as you know that your voice talents are worth employing.

Sure, there are many companies in the Angel Investment stream other than Voices.com, however, each Angel Investor is a different person looking for a unique opportunity that is in line with qualities and ideals that they had conceived of investing in before this event.

The same goes for voice talents and work that is out there for voice overs.

We also have our own thoughts and stipulations about the kind of investor we prefer working with. Just as much as we are presenting to them, the angel investors are presenting to us.

CN Tower Ice SheetThe weather has been just awful, and it's a comfort to receive a call confirming David's arrival in Toronto at midnight.

Ice has been a problem in Toronto lately on the highways, most notably the closure of the Gardiner Express Way due to falling ice from overpasses and interestingly enough, the CN Tower itself.

As I've been typing, I was thinking about the very real difference between writing a press release about something and actually blogging about it.

A week ago, I wrote a press release announcing that Voices.com would be presenting at the Canadian Venture Forum and I have to wonder if even a handful of you may have read it via those channels.

Sharing this with you here at VOX Daily affords a different perspective and writing style as well as feedback to be received. It's also more personal and candid this way as is generally always the case when you are comparing public relations fare with blogging.

I feel privileged that I can do both and that you are reading this post!

If you have any encouragement for David, please leave a comment for him here on the blog. Your support is much appreciated.



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    Hi, Stephanie! This article is incredibly interesting as it gives us a behind-the-scenes look at not only your business, but your hopes and dreams for the future. As I have read your blogs and shared e-mails with you, I have found much to admire and emulate about your creative marketing skills, your tireless energy and superb writing ability. You and your company are certainly deserving of the success awaiting at the next level.

    However, even in your excitement about this amazing opportunity, the thing that shines through the article most for me is your love for David. The two of you are truly a blessed and united team. No matter what the outcome of David's meeting, you have each other, and you have this thriving enterprise in Voices.com. You've already won the prize!

    Best wishes to David at the meeting. I will be waiting to hear great news!

    Posted by:

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your gracious comments!

      I too am waiting eagerly to hear from David about his experience. He presents later this afternoon.



      Posted by:

        Hi Stephanie!

        This is wonderful news!

        Congratulations to you & David... and I guess US too ;-)

        Really, you guys are great! I'm proud to be a stakeholder!

        David: Stay safe on those roads!

        Keep us posted!


        Posted by:

          Stephanie and Dave,

          My prayers are with you, both for a good experience presenting, and for a safe journey home.

          Thank you for giving us this look behind the scenes, as it were, at Voices.com and future possibilities.

          Be well,

          Posted by:

            Thank you Liz and Bob,

            The outpouring of support that you and others continue to give is what helps to keep us going :)

            Truly, your faith in us sustains the team a great deal. It's amazing what the power of prayer can do.

            On behalf of David, Carol and Laurynda, I'd like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude.

            Only two hours before David presents!

            I'll keep you posted as best I can on the developments from an experience point of view for now.



            Posted by:

              Stephanie, David, Carol, and Laurynda;

              It is so rare to find a company that offers the customer support and care for its clients that Voices.com does.

              To find a company that also shares a look 'behind the scenes' and treats its clients as a 'part of the show' is unheard of.

              I have no doubt in your continued success as well as the inevitable reaching of new heights! My prayers are also with everyone there in Canada- now GO GET 'EM!!


              Posted by:

                Lovely post, Stephanie. I hope all goes well! It was great to meet you and David at Podcamp Toronto last week.

                Posted by:

                  Hi Stephanie,

                  Wonderful Post.

                  By the Way, I was at the Cdn Venture Forun to-day and was able to attend the presentation. David did a great job of describing the business opportunity and representing the company.

                  I have no doubt the Angels and VCs were just as impressed.


                  Carmen Gicante

                  Posted by:

                    Hi everyone,

                    Thank you for your comments and good will :)

                    David said that he had a wonderful time and will blog about it on his Biz blog soon.

                    Looking forward to great things for all of us!


                    P.S. Thank you Carmen for supporting David at the forum.

                    Posted by:

                      Investors want a sound business idea, a successful track record (profit or only small losses) and talented people sincerely dedicated to their business. In that, you're all set.

                      Getting interested investors I don't think will be your problem... getting the "right" investors is where you'll come upon the fork in the road.

                      Good luck.

                      Posted by:

                        Hi Stephanie,

                        I am glad to hear everything went well with David at the Forum. Best of luck to both of you on this Venture.


                        Posted by:
                        • Bas Mulder
                        • March 8, 2007 12:44 PM


                          Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. The Voices.com presentation was a success and has already generated interest with seasoned investors who will help take Voices.com to even higher heights.

                          It means so much to know that we have the confidence of our friends within the industry.

                          All the best,


                          Posted by:

                            Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I'm glad to join your conmunity,
                            and wish to assist as far as possible.

                            Posted by:
                            • DamionKutaeff
                            • March 22, 2008 3:56 PM

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