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Speaking Effective English with Bettye Zoller

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 11, 2007

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Speaking Effective English CDBettye Zoller's audio book, "Speaking Effective English" has been re-released on Simon and Schuster's 2007 winter front-list.

Check out this interview with Bettye and learn more about how this CD can help you to speak more effectively.

Bettye Zoller's audio book, Speaking Effective English, with foreword by TV film star Edward Asner, has been re-released on Simon and Schuster's 2007 winter front list.

The CD set is very attractively packaged and educational, teaching people how to communicate more effectively in a wide variety of situations.

I had an opportunity to chat with Bettye about the book. I hope you enjoy this interview!

Stephanie: What inspired you to record the audio book?

Bettye: I first wrote and voiced an audio book way back in 1994 when three partners and I formed an audio publishing corporation. The company ended up concentrating mostly on doing corporate training and designing corporate training courseware. Clients included Southwestern Bell, Guaranty Bank, Reno Bell, Frontier Telecom, and many others nationwide.

My interest in writing started in childhood. I used to spend many hours at my aunt's old typewriter penning stories, pretending I was a newspaper reporter. And later, I worked for a weekly newspaper in Kansas City Missouri and was Associate Editor of a city magazine there as well. Journalism was always an interest. In fact, I won an honors scholarship to the famous Minnesota Journalism School (Univ. of Minn. at Minneapolis)!

However, eventually, music and acting won out and became my career focus. It's nice to know my love of writing is part of my life too.

Stephanie: Is there anything new added to this re-release?

Bettye: No. Nothing is added new. It is very important to note, however, that it's quite a compliment to be re-released as a TWO CD package by Simon and Schuster. The program originally was on cassette tape. It shows that the publisher believes the program is worthy of re release. It is!

Stephanie: How will your audio book help people to acquire new confidence?

Bettye: The audio book covers a very wide area including many topics from public speaking tips to telephone tips, from how to network more successfully to how to sell your product better. It even includes information on negotiating, what to do when you have a difference of opinion with someone but want to remain friendly with them, and how to state a firm opinion yet be open to others' views. It is a goldmine of information.

We also talk about improving voice and speech; clearer articulation, sounding more interesting when you talk, avoiding sounding bored or disinterested... it is a potpourri of info.

Stephanie: What is your target market? Are there certain groups of people or individuals who would receive more benefit than others?

The target market is EVERYONE who wants to improve communication in a wide variety of personal and professional settings. The CDs contain so many different topics and such worthwhile instruction that many people of all ages in all areas of life can benefit. That's why it's been a best seller worldwide!

Stephanie: Thanks Bettye! It was an honor to speak with you.

Bettye: My pleasure.

Bettye Zoller is available for author tours, lecturing and speaking engagements.

For more information or to contact Bettye, visit her website.


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    Congratulations on the re-release, Bettye! And thanks, Stephanie, for the interview. A timely topic in an age in which the English language and its proper use have been much neglected. What a powerful thing language can be!

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