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Spring '07 Release - Leads Updates


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 26, 2007

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New vocab lessons from Voices.com!

To get comfortable with the future lingo ahead of time, read this brief glossary of terms.

Thanks for your great responses so far to our innovations!

Today we're announcing some new terminology for you that will be introduced in the new generation of the Voices.com website.

Leads: Formerly known as "Jobs", the Leads tab includes all public and private work opportunities created by clients that you can respond to.

View Leads Voices.com

Responses: Clients manage your auditions in an area called "Responses". From this single view, they can Send an Email, Add to Favorites and Select this Voice - which means they select you and make a formal "Job Offer". Clients can even leave you a Feedback Rating & Review by jotting down some comments in a text area. It's never been easier for busy clients to give you some suggestions or let you know how much they appreciate your interest in their projects.

View Auditions Voices.com

Jobs: These are actual Jobs that you are working on for a client at Voices.com. The process starts with a "Job Offer", which is created when a client selects you as their voice of choice. Clients can create Job Offers from (1) within their Responses to their postings, (2) directly from the search results and (3) directly on your personal website at Voices.com. The "Jobs" section lets you view a "Job Offer", negotiate back and forth, reach a deal, then accept a deposit. With the deposit managed by Voices.com, you can record the work with the confidence that you'll get paid. Once the recording is complete, you simply upload your finished audio files through Voices.com, and the payment is released to you. No more need for FTP servers or sending large files via email.

Payments: Payments are actual financial transactions processed through Voices.com. You can view "Jobs" with "Deposits" (money held in a secure Escrow account) as well as "Invoices" that have been paid in full. Clients, not voice talents, will be charged a nominal fee for Voices.com to manage the delivery of audio files and process the financial transaction. As a voice talent, there is no added cost to you, and you're guaranteed to be paid for your work.

At this point, I'm sure there will be plenty of questions. If so, leave us a comment so we can better address any concerns you may have.

We'll share more with you in the coming days!




    Wow! You guys are really doing some cool stuff! I can't wait to start using all these great tools!


    Posted by:

      Awesome! All of the enhancements are really taking the site (which was already great) up a notch. Bravo!

      Posted by:

        I couldn't wait to respond to this posting! Bravo! Hooray! Brilliant!

        The great minds at Voices.com have come up with a real winner.

        This fixes so many problems of doing work with clients you don't yet have a relationship with. You have addressed ALL of the problems of getting work (and getting paid for it) over the Internet.

        Thank you thank you thank you, Voices.com!

        Posted by:
        • Rowan Rowan
        • April 27, 2007 9:15 AM

          This is getting better every day! Who's the brainchild here?

          Whomever is involved... kudos!


          Posted by:

            Wow. This is huge! Let me know if you still need a beta tester. I featured and trackbacked this story on my blog today.

            It's really BIG!!!!

            All the Best,

            Posted by:

              I'm really liking the changes and upgrades you folks are going to make.

              Keep 'em coming!

              Posted by:

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