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Stanley Cup Promos Starring David Boreanaz VO

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 30, 2007

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David BoreanazDavid Boreanaz voices the "Quest For The Cup" commercial series profiling each of the Stanley Cup contending teams as they strive for greatness this NHL playoff season.

Have you seen these promos yet?

If you're a Bones (TV show) or a Buffalo Sabres fan, here's an opportunity to get an inside look at what makes David tick.

When you think of actor David Boreanaz, you're likely thinking of his on-camera character roles as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Sarah Michelle Gellar (1997 - 2003) or in his current role as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth on the FOX drama Bones.

That may be the case for almost all of us, but now we have another item to associate with David and his voice specifically.

David Boreanaz is now the current promo voice for the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, narrating :30 spots that depict the unique journeys of the teams who made it thus far, sharing their stories on the road to glory.

A native of Buffalo, NY and longtime Sabres fan, David has embraced his new role as promo voice in the battle for Lord Stanley's Cup with a new vigor and athletic intensity.

David's voice will be heard on the "Quest For The Cup" commercials and for as long as the Buffalo Sabres are still in the playoffs, he'll be writing the Buffalo Sabres celebrity blog at NHL.com.

Has anyone seen these promos yet? If so, what do you think?



P.S. We've also got a Sabres voice over connection at Voices.com - Ralph Hass! You can watch a video of Ralph doing his Buffalo Sabres VO gig here.

Photo of David Boreanaz courtesy David's Buffalo Sabres blog on NHL.com.

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    "and for as long as the Buffalo Sabres are still in the playoffs"

    Um, do I detect an air of negativity in that line...as if there was any doubt the Sabres will do anything BUT win the Cup?

    No doubt this was an issue of interpretation on my part but I fully expect voices.com to adopt the Sabres as their own throughout the playoffs :-)

    I’ve made a few predictions regarding their playoff run myself:



    Best always

    Posted by:

      Hi Peter,

      I know that the Sabres are one of the best (if not the best) teams out there right now, so no negativity was meant - I simply had to leave the door open :)

      I'll email Ralph now and get him on here, too!



      Posted by:

        Well, Stephanie the "politician"...

        It's actually my fault the Sabres lost yesterday in double overtime:)

        I was emceeing the kickoff to the minor baseball league season here in Kelowna, BC and did not have a chance to watch one second of the game. The first pitch was thrown out by Brent Gilchrist, who had a 15-year NHL career and won the Cup with Detroit in '98.

        One of the coaches for a young baseball team I introduced was another former NHL'er, Dixon Ward, who played in Buffalo, Vancouver and Toronto among a few stops.

        Keep the faith Peter... let's hope Jagr's passport expires soon...

        Posted by:


          You got here even before I could email you!

          If there are any other Sabres fan out there, (or fans of other teams in the playoffs - my poor Leafs, I know...), leave a comment!


          P.S. If you are a David Boreanaz fan, you're also welcome to contribute :)

          Posted by:

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