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VOICE Conference: MJ Lallo


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

April 12, 2007

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MJ Lallo at VOICE 2007Looking for a Character workout?

MJ Lallo brought the house down with her comedic personality and unique character voice acting techniques.

Learn some tips on how to make the most of your character voice acting career from a pro's point of view.

MJ Lallo's lecture on the Friday was all about putting technique into practice!

I'd like to focus in on several topics that MJ covered, including the Animation Advisor's organization, why it is so very important that you hire talented people to provide character voice acting services, and some techniques for you to try.

Animation Advisors

Animation Advisors is an organization MJ is involved with.

A part of what the Animation Advisors do is provide people with the steps they need to take to produce their animation project. They also strongly suggest that room for good voice talents is included in the budget.

You will save when you hire talented people

If you don™t hire talented people and hire other less talented people for less money (or for free), you will pay exponentially more in studio fees because the person you hired doesn™t know how to act!

Avenues for Work in Character Voices for Animation


Be sure that you can sing in different characters. Sometimes people hire actors who can™t sing (this happens more often that you would think) and they need to find a voice for those parts.

Being able to sing in character is a specialty skill - not everyone can do it.


You don™t have to be in Los Angeles to get character work

Women Need to Step Up and Write!

Women need to start writing and producing more parts for other women™s voices. That's how the roles for women in animation voice overs will increase over time.

When creating a character, remember these points:

• Think like an animator
• Always think over the top in animation
• Nothing politically incorrect in animation

Idea: Explore all of the voices you have that stem from different parts of your body.

• Talk out one side of your mouth and then the other side
• Under bite
• Buck Teeth

You need to develop a vocal range in all of your characters and an arc in each character. The challenge after you™ve created that voice is that you then have to act.

Something to remember is that anytime you are not using your regular voice, you are doing a character voice over, even if it is a commercial.

Most importantly, try to relate to the people you are working with or talking to and your best performances will come through!

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    I thought MJ was nothing short of amazing. I'm so glad she was one of the presenters at VOICE 2007.

    Be well,

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