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Hillary Huber Nominated for Audie Award


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 30, 2007

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Hillary HuberHave you read A Field of Darkness by Cornelia Read?

Ever listened to it?

If you have and it™s among one of your favorite audiobooks, you™ll be happy to know that Hillary Huber, narrator of A Field of Darkness has been nominated to win an Audie Award!

This week, I caught up with Hillary Huber, an Audie Award nominee in the category of Mystery for her work on the audiobook A Field of Darkness, a novel written by Cornelia Read.

I first heard about Hillary™s nomination from Karen Commins earlier this year and wanted to save this article for the week of the Audie Awards in New York City, so here we are.

Under the direction of Pat Fraley, Hillary Huber masterfully recorded A Field of Darkness, an audiobook in the Mystery genre.

Hillary is one of 700 nominees who were entered into the Audie Awards this year and given her talent and expertise in the area of recording for audiobooks, she is a prime candidate to take home an Audie to showcase in her Los Angeles recording studio.

When asked about her experiences with the audiobook and the nomination, Hillary confided:

A Field of Darkness was a fabulous project from the get-go. I contacted author Cornelia Read and discovered that we had led virtually parallel lives " raised in Long Island, a move to upstate NY, then Colorado and finally landing in California. Each of us had a parent split for Hawaii. It's just crazy. The cool thing is that Cornelia funneled all of this history into her protagonist, Madeline Dare, and therefore I got her through and through. Pat helped me prepare the other characters as well as figuring out the thematic threads. I'm not a mystery book reader and his insight was very helpful.

Praise for Hillary Huber:

Madeline Dare, born into Long Island Society and raised amid the wealthy of California, is married to a Syracuse Railroad worker and writing for a small town newspaper. Dare dislikes Syracuse and her working-class in-laws while, at the same time, rejecting her upper-class upbringing. Upon learning of a twenty-year-old murder in the area, Dare investigates the crime, which is intertwined with her cousin Lapthorne Townsend. Hillary Huber reads this slow-moving mystery with a steady, even voice. Huber follows each shift in time and location as Dare daydreams about her life before Syracuse, remembering Lapthorne and all her adventures with him. As Dare seeks to uncover the truth about Lapthorne's life, she is forced to examine her own.

M.B.K. 2007 Audies Award Finalist © AudioFile 2007, Portland, Maine [Published: FEB/ MAR 07]

Source: AudioFileMagazine.com

About Hillary Huber

Hillary Huber is one of the most successful voice talents in Los Angeles. Her Audiobook narrations have garnered her consistently glowing reviews as well as a 2007 Audie nomination for A Field of Darkness. Hillary records in her own facility, Crooked Mile Studios.

Photo © Hillary Huber

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    Having studied at an audiobook workshop with Pat and Hillary, I'm thrilled for her that she's being so honored. Good for you, Hillary.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      Kudos Hillary! Hope you're well!



      Posted by:

        You are wonderful Hillary! Just listened to A Field of Darkness and of course, you were brilliant. Darn that Echo Park, you'll get it next time. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon in LA.

        Love - Lisa

        Posted by:
        • Lisa Lindsley
        • June 2, 2007 11:28 PM

          Congrats Hillary! As one of your former students, I know you are not only a great talent but a great teacher.

          All the best!

          Bill DeWees

          Posted by:

            Stephanie- Thanks for this update! Hillary and Pat were awesome when I took a class with them on audio books. Congrats Hillary you deserve it! Hope this finds you doing well. Best, Jessie Gilman

            Posted by:

              Ms. Huber, please stop narrating L.A. Banks novels. Have you read the Audible.com reviews regarding your narration for "Minion" and "Awakening." Your narration for urban genre novels is simply awful--just plain bad!! Please just say no!!

              Posted by:
              • Dr. Pat
              • June 14, 2011 1:47 PM

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