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Linda Torgeson, Voice of MSP International Airport


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 11, 2007

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O'Hare Airport ChicagoHearing the voice of Linda Torgeson makes Minnesotans feel at home when passing through the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.

Does your voice give the same comfort and reassurance to weary travelers on their way home?

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Yesterday when I was Googling around, I discovered a really neat article published at WCCO TV, WCCO.com, about a voice talent named Linda Torgeson, a British talent who has lived in Minnesota for 30 years, had worked for the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport for 20 years, and recently retired to pursue voice over full time.

The fact that Linda Torgeson discovered her vocal talents while working for an airport is complemented by the fact that she is also the voice of the airport heard by all who pass within the gates of Minneapolis St. Paul.

The article quotes Linda as saying "For years people have told me you've got a nice voice why don't you do something with it, I went oh can't be bothered you know and I just ignored it and ignored it," said Torgeson.

Eventually, when voice overs were needed at the airport, her boss at the time thought to hire her straight away, knowing that her unique voice would make people listen and catch their attention in the busy terminals.

"I hear the British lady and I know I'm back in Minnesota," said an airport visitor.

Linda's voice is still heard in the terminal, in the parking ramp and on the tram. When asked, Torgeson revealed her favorite line:

"Parents in the interest of safety don't allow your children to play on moving sidewalks, escalators or baggage carousels' and you know what they do!" she said.

Since resigning from her position at the airport, Linda Torgeson has recorded commercials for airlines, hotels, pharmaceuticals, and even political campaigns. What a lady!

Can you relate to Linda's story? Do people feel 'at home' when they hear your voice?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


P.S. You might have recognized the picture as O'Hare Airport in Chicago. If you do voice over work for that airport (or other places), leave a comment!


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    I'm not sure how the general public felt, but it always gave my husband a giggle, and he felt at home when he used to do a lot of traveling in and out of Houston Intercontinental Airport. I was the voice of the airport for many, many years. Our family and friends felt welcomed, as well! I have to say, it was a bit odd but fun hearing myself over the airport speakers when I was traveling!

    I am no longer the voice of Houston's major airport. It sounds as though an airport employee has recorded the messages, now, in both English and Spanish. Unfortunately, I don't think they have the pipes that Linda Torgeson, as an airport employee, must have had.

    Hmmm. Maybe I should research who to talk to about that. I did the recording via an ad agency all those years ago. Your post has reminded me that I need to look into who is in charge of that now!

    Posted by:

      Hello Ms. Linda:

      I just finished my workshop in Commercial Voice Acting on this day 11-12 May 2007. I think I can relate to your friends comments on you.

      Congratulations for taking the big leap.

      I just wanted to hear your advise on what I can do to develop my voice and be accepted in this industry.

      Thank you so much,


      Posted by:
      • llui
      • May 12, 2007 11:43 AM

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