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New Feedback System - How It Works


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 15, 2007

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One of the newest features to roll out today is the improved Feedback system.

Want to know how it works and how it affects you?

Read this post and discover how the system has changed to benefit you!

First of all, Voices.com has a Feedback System. This isn't new, it's improved.

Essentially, the Feedback you receive at Voices.com comes in the form of star ratings, reviews (new), and now transactions processed through SurePay (new).

While we were building this feature, we anticipated several of your needs, including the need to be given feedback, the need to give other people you have worked with feedback and the ability to receive reviews regarding your services or vocal abilities.

Let's look at the first way of receiving Feedback.

Star Rating

Any registered client of the Voices.com service can leave a star rating for you either on your website at Voices.com, through the search or via an audition that you submitted through our site.

Pretty straightforward, right?

OK, now onto the second way.


Reviews are new. You may remember that we had them ages ago, but they took a hiatus and are now back, newly improved.

You can receive reviews from registered clients at Voices.com. You can also review the person who reviewed you or respond to a review.

Something else that you can do is monitor reviews and delete any unjust or unfounded reviews from clients who have not worked with you through the Voices.com SurePay system.

Do bear in mind though that if you delete a review, it will affect your VoiceRank in some capacity.

When a rating has been removed, the value of that rating (what it is worth) is removed from your overall VoiceRanking score. VoiceRank is determined by website completeness, Favorites and the total number of ratings you have received. The only improvement you will see by removing feedback is your average Star display on your website.

As of today, this feature is edging closer to completion (comments cannot be left with a rating at present). Reviews will be coming soon.

Reviews Through SurePay

All reviews that result from the SurePay process remain to objectively document your project history and relationship with a client who contracted you through Voices.com.

In the future, we'll be moving toward a system that favors reviews generated through the SurePay system, making sure that work you have done for clients is given more weight, priority and precedence over any other form of feedback on Voices.com.

After all, people are coming here to Voices.com to hire a voice actor, so presenting clients with feedback primarily based upon working relationships (similar to eBay) is the best and most complementary option when promoting your services as a professional voice actor working online.

I hope this article has helped. Over the next several days, you will see other features mentioned here completed and further explained to you.

Have a great day,




    Thanks for the information.

    I'm sure as with anything that's new or newly updated, there will be some bumps and challenges along the way; but I'm confident that you folks will do well by all of us, talent and clients alike in the long run.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      I am wondering why the feature of still allowing talent to rate each other is still in place? Why not just allow completed voice transactions to be rated. Also, why not also get rid of ratings for the audition process. I know nobody wants to audition, put their best foot forward and then get a 1 star rating from someone who didn't care for the fact they watermarked a demo or just plain was tired of listening to demos and didn't care enough to properly rate the person fairly.

      The way it is, the system encourages others to still "fix" the system. Friends voting for each other etc. Who does that ultimately serve?

      I believe this system should be reviewed and changed so talent are not rating each other. It does not make sense to me why you would want that in the first place. If you can give me a good reason for this that would be helpful.

      Also, would Voices consider creating a watermark audio file for all their talent to use so it is a uniform thing among all auditions? Any thoughts on that idea also?

      Thanks so much for your efforts in improving the current system.


      Posted by:
      • Ben Wilson
      • May 15, 2007 10:33 PM

        Thank you Ben for your suggestion.

        If we were to move to a transactional based feedback system immediately then ALL prior feedback would need to be removed and all members would have no ratings and no VoiceRank.

        In the past no transactions were completed through the Voices.com system. Talent and Clients dealt directly with one another and Voices.com was just the place they met. VoiceRank is currently a feature we showcase on our homepage and this would require a major overhaul of the website.

        As more and more transactions and projects are completed through the new Voices.com SurePay system, the primary focus of feedback will move toward transactions made between talent and clients.

        Posted by:
        • Laurynda Vineyard - Customer Care Manager
        • May 16, 2007 8:01 AM

          All this is really great. I'm looking forward to working in the new interface. What's the main difference, though, between "Jobs" and "Leads"? Maybe that's apparent and my coffee just hasn't kicked in yet.

          SurePay is a good idea (excellent name). Thanks as always for continuing to improve on an excellent product.

          Posted by:


            I am sure, like with any change, there will be some time for everyone, talent and clients to adjust, and there will most probably be more fine tuning to the site as the new functionality is worked with.

            I certainly hope that clients who find us, audition and/or use our services are reminded through Voices.com to return and complete the entire "job" or lead process and leave ranking and or feedback for us.

            I certainly don't wish that the voice over talents are inclined to "work the system" so it turns out to be merely a popularity contest.

            All the best,


            Posted by:

              Hi Nikki,

              Thank you for bringing this up and presenting us with a great opportunity to distinguish between Leads and Jobs.

              The difference between Leads and Jobs is as follows:

              A Lead is something that you (and potentially others) are eligible to audition for whereas a Job is an actual contract / gig that you have landed through Voices.com.

              I hope that helps to clarify :)

              Take care,


              Posted by:

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