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The Value of Good Health


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 22, 2007

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Keeping HealthyFeeling under the weather?

Not quite yourself? Got a nagging ache that won't go away?

We know how you feel 'cause we've been there this week!

Discover 10 ways to avoid getting rundown at VOX Daily.

I'm writing this post a tad later than I would have hoped thanks to the flu.

As a matter of fact, many of you whom I've spoken with recently have also been feeling sick, incapacitated or have suffered complications that have no doubt impeded your ability to put pen to paper or even step up to the mic.

Our family bug hit just after Mother's Day and completely wiped us out on Thursday night going into Friday and Saturday. What an awful thing it was!

Some of you may know that it was also a holiday weekend in Canada (Victoria Day was yesterday, May 21) and the office was closed.

For most businesses of the brick and mortar variety, a statutory day off would have come as a blessing if you were ill, but when you run an online business or accept work through the Internet, it seems like you are trapped by the tireless world that apparently works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the web.

Holidays aside, it became evident very quickly that too many of us out there get sick because of not getting adequate rest due to pushing too hard to 'get things done'.

But how do you do that when everything needs to have been done yesterday and people expect automatic responses or reactions?

If you think about it, our society has turned into a machine that keeps plugging away long after we should be tucked into our beds.

Just because an email can be sent instantly doesn't mean that a response to an email needs to be fired off just as instantaneously... I've heard that concept several times over on podcasts and on radio programs about workplace stress or stress in general.

Overworking and trying to solve every minute problem that crosses our paths or email boxes can be very taxing on your health, regardless of what profession we have.

What can we do to avoid getting rundown and sick?

Try these tips:

• Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night (the hours before midnight are worth almost twice the value of hours after midnight)
• Don't push yourself past your "limit"
• Know where your limits are and respect them - they protect you from burnout
• Respect the boundaries of others so that you don't pull them down
• Eat properly and make sure you have 3 square meals a day
• Cut back or eliminate activities that cause you anxiety like comparing yourself to others or over exertion
• Don't drink caffeinated beverages if you don't need to (moderation is key if you enjoy them)
• Be at peace with yourself, your life (family) and your career
• Be thankful for what you have, especially if it is your health
• Don't take anything for granted

Can you relate to my story?

Did you find these tips useful?

If you'd like to share your thoughts and perhaps some more tips on how to maintain health, please leave a comment.

Best wishes,


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    AWWW Steph! You poor guys!

    Here's hoping this is a better and healthier week for all of you! It's so true that when things go wrong, we want instant gratification! We can thank technology for that! Unfortunately it's the yang of the electronic age!

    But we as humans, DO understand.

    It's amazing what happens when we take the time out to talk to each other. We truly are, caring, understanding human beings. So... take 5, breathe! and smile. I promise it will all be still waiting for you when your ready to tackle it!


    Posted by:


      First of all, I am glad you're all feeling better. I am also glad you wrote this post. It is a good reminder that we need balance to achieve the ultimate successes in life, and I am specifically not referring strictly to work.

      One thing I have learned as a cancer survivor (4 years so far) is without your health, you don't have much. We each have 24 hours every day to make the most of the precious gift of time to spend here, fulfilling and enriching our lives and careers. Even I must consistently remind myself to keep priorities in a perspective order and re-order.

      If you have a lot of work to do, remember, it will be there tomorrow. Laugh often and live well, in every sense of the word, "well".

      All the Best,

      Posted by:

        Hi Cookie and Bobbin,

        Thank you for your comments and support.

        You're right Bobbin, if you haven't got your health, you don't have much. How very true that is.

        Best wishes,


        Posted by:

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          Posted by:
          • Frank Harris
          • May 25, 2007 12:47 PM

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