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The Voice of Deadwood Invites You To South Dakota


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

May 4, 2007

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White Wolves in the Black HillsRecently, Gregory Boeder was named the "Voice of Deadwood".

You may recall a post featuring Gregory Boeder last year on VOX Daily.

Wow, time flies! To find out more from this ambassador for the Black Hills (maybe you're going there this summer), click through!

Suddenly, the hot tourist season is here in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, and since I was recently named the ˜Voice of Deadwood™ by the Chamber of Commerce, I should invite everybody to consider The Black Hills as a vacation destination for so many reasons.

National treasures like Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and The Badlands, coupled with some of the most scenic roads winding through our 100 square miles of National Forest, make it a sweet spot to take the whole family.

Campers, hikers, rock climbers, cave explorers, anyone with a sense of adventure can find a unique experience here. Plus, the annual Sturgis bike rally brings in riders and vendors from all over the world, and hot rodders have many different events to choose from, as there are weekend rallies planned throughout the season here.

Deadwood.org is a good place to start for information and schedules for concerts, rodeos, fast draw shootout competitions, even high stakes poker tournaments.

And remember, if you™re here during a holiday, you™re in for a special treat!

Deadwood celebrates every holiday like Mardi Gras, complete with parades and floats, music festivals, and a ˜good time attitude™ that began here over a hundred years ago. It™s ˜Old West™ roots give you a chance to re-live the gold rush without leaving behind any luxury accommodations you might desire. It™s all here waiting for you like an unfound nugget shining in the sunlight!

HBO viewers should be familiar with Deadwood™s characters of the past, and since I had a small hand in post production for the new HBO feature film œBury My Heart at Wounded Knee, I should tell you what a privilege it was to meet Mr. Tokala Clifford, a direct descendant of Crazy Horse himself. You™ve seen his work in œDances With Wolves and œInto The West [Spielberg] along with many other classic ˜Old West™ movies. It was truly a lifetime experience, as he spent several hours explaining much about the Lakota way of life to me, after we finished.

People always say œThere™s something about The Black Hills, and I couldn™t agree more. Many Native American tribes feel it is the center of their universe!

It felt like home to me, even before I had unloaded my truck, when I came here almost 17 years ago. You™ll understand why if you come see for yourself.

Thanks for listening,

Gregory Boeder, The Voice of Deadwood

Photo Courtesy of Gregory Boeder, White Wolves.


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