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Podcasting Week 2007

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 18, 2007

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Podcasting WeekHey Hey, it's Podcasting Week!

At Voices.com, we're covering the ins and outs of podcasting including how to find, listen to and subscribe to podcasts as well as the business side of podcast production and making some dough as a podcaster or as the voice of an independent or corporate podcast.

As the intro to this article said, it's Podcasting Week!

Over the next five days, we'll learn all about podcasting, including how to consume podcasts and how to produce them.

There's so much to share on this ever evolving topic never mind the sheer number of podcasts that are produced and the growing audiences they continue to enjoy!

We'll also take a look at how radio and podcasting are similar, some podcasts grown in our own backyard, and also how to get involved with podcasts as a listener - this is one of those interactive mediums, after all.

It's amazing just to think of how podcasting and podcasts in general have changed the lives of creative producers, companies, and the people who listen to them.

Stay tuned all week for entertaining, educational and interactive articles on how to podcast and meet people who are truly iconic in the field.



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    Are you going to talk about software for producing podcasts or just stick to how to program one?

    Posted by:

      Hi Jay,

      Thank you for your comment and question.

      We will be hitting all aspects of podcasting from software through to production elements and voice over recording for podcasts.

      There will also be a lot of attention paid to people in the field as well as podcasts of note. Is there something specific that you'd like to see covered?



      Posted by:

        Good luck this week, Stephanie. I just blogged about it at http://trafcom.typepad.com/blog/2007/06/did_you_know_th.html

        Posted by:

          Thanks Donna! We really appreciate your support.

          The team is looking forward to making this week an awesome intro to podcasting and acknowledge leaders - I'll be linking back to other posts including our Podcasting Princesses :)



          Posted by:

            Cool, this should be fun!

            I'm excited to learn some new things on the subject. Though I have yet to find something comparable to VoxTalk, I think it will be an interesting week!


            Posted by:

              Great idea! I have just linked back to this item on our ZENcast discussion forums: www.findyourzencast.com

              Is this online only of offline event, too?

              Posted by:
              • Tommy
              • June 19, 2007 8:17 AM

                Hi Tommy,

                Thank you for your question and for spreading the word!

                This is an online event. We'll be publishing material all week long to help raise awareness for podcasting and also how people can get involved.

                If you'd like more information, please send me an email at stephanie @ voices.com.



                Posted by:

                  Great work!

                  Your information is just turning me into something else around here.

                  I appreciate this immense contribution to my career and say a big, big thank you. Podcasting is relatively new in Nigeria, but I know this information will go a long way.

                  Thanks again.

                  Posted by:

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