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Shrek the Third Interview : Kari Wahlgren


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 7, 2007

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Kari Wahlgren Shrek Voice ActorWhat do you need to get some buzz?

All it takes is one line!

Kari Wahlgren's role in Shrek the Third may have been minor, but it got her foot in the door.

Read more about Kari's experience and leave a comment!

Earlier this week, I sent an email to Kari Wahlgren to ask her about her experience recording for her role in Shrek the Third.

Modest to a fault, Kari sent me the following about her experience:

Unfortunately, I don't know if my role in Shrek III makes for the greatest article... I have ONE line! I didn't meet any of the stars or attend the premiere or anything. I was basically in and out of my session within ten minutes! It was fun, but not very glamourous!

Although that may be the case, Kari's got quite a bit further than many working voice actors in animation voice over and definitely has a foot in the door because of this role with a variety of different contacts and received media attention to boot.

Kari does a lot of character voice acting, specifically for video games, so when I heard that she had even just a line or two in the third installment of the Shrek franchise, I was compelled to let you all know about her recent credit, even if it was a ten minute session, give or take :)

Thank you Kari for getting back to me so quickly and also I want to express on behalf of the whole VOX Daily community that we're rooting for you!

If you have a story similar to the one you are reading here, perhaps a minor role in a film, animated movie, or as an extra in a production that we may have seen in the theatres, leave a comment here on VOX Daily!



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    Hey, that's pretty cool nonetheless. I'd take a one-line job in a Dreamworks or Pixar animated film! Congrats to Kari!


    Posted by:

      Kari, way to go girl !! We're all very very happy for you.

      Not quite a Pixar event but a ton of fun anyway, I was picked up to be the narrator for an animated movie called Nadya's Fritzes. It should be out for release in 2008.


      Really cool story about a Russian sniper woman during WWII.

      And congrats to Jesse on a very cool video!!


      Posted by:
      • Bryan Cox
      • June 8, 2007 8:42 AM


        VOX Daily and an article such as this one about Kari is another fine example of why Voices.com is so popular... you folks are not just in this to get subscriptions from voice actors, you are also in this FOR voice actors!

        Kari, as I'm sure you are aware, the marketing options you have available as a result of your one line appearance in Shrek the Third are priceless... that one little line can go a looooooong way!

        While the movie is fresh in others minds... market, market, market!

        Brian in Charlotte
        Blog: VoicePro.blogspot.com

        Posted by:

          Hi Jesse, Bryan and Brian,

          Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, news and voicing your support!

          Brian, thank you for your kind comments about VOX Daily and Voices.com. They mean a lot :)



          P.S. I'll be encouraging Kari to check in here again, so if you have a comment to share, please know that she will be reading them and would love to hear from you.

          Posted by:

            Glamourous, shamourous! ;)

            Did you get paid? Yes.

            Then its a big deal.

            Plus you'll probably have the most interesting story to tell during Thanksgiving dinner... which is nice.

            Best always,

            Posted by:

              I'm glad you highlighted Kari's achievement Stephanie! In today's world, even one line in a major animated film is a big deal!

              Kari and I recently did a panel together in Raleigh, NC talking about being a female in voice over. She is a genuinely wonderful person and it was a pleasure to spend some time with her. In fact, I'm still not sure how she and I ended up on the same panel- I did not feel worthy!

              As a side note, you mentioned other animated projects we are working on... it's not necessarily animated- but it is for children... a new show I've provided my voice for finally premiered in several cities around the US. It's called Raggs and may be on a channel near you!


              (I voice the green puppy Razzles)

              Again, great job Kari- keep it up girl!

              Posted by:

                Two thumbs up for Kari. SHREK! That's why we're all here. I'm hoping for a major movie break myself. I've done one line on a television commercial and would love to do more.


                Posted by:

                  Great on you Kari!
                  I'd be very interested to know how you got your foot in the door? Any suggestions are helpful to all!

                  In solidarity,
                  Dawn Ford

                  Posted by:

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