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Voice Coaches Marketing Expo : Billy Serow


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 2, 2007

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Billy Serow Abrams ArtistsLooking for a voice over agent in top tier commercial voice casting?

Learn more about Billy Serow, a commercial voice talent agent at the Abrams Agency in New York City.

Billy Serow is not your typical voice over agent.

True, he's been in the business for a long time and has seen it all, but he has something special that not many agents can claim as their own - heart.

Billy began his career at a crossroads having to choose between music and theatre. Opting to go down the acting road, Billy started out as an agent at William Morris and after a long career in voice casting director (18 years and thousands of commercial castings), the industry changed.

A website called VoiceBank came out and the emphasis was placed on agencies putting their house reels online and the role of the casting director being virtually eliminated from many voice over hiring regimes.

Realizing that his job was in jeopardy, Billy left William Morris with many others and started a new career at the Abrams Artists Agency where he truly got to spread his wings.

At Abrams, Billy was able to represent celebrity talent and also dedicate his time to his true passion, developing up and coming voice over talent and helping their dreams come true.

Billy listens to every CD he receives and has a strong work ethic. He has the immense joy of knowing that he can help bring someone to the next level in their career and loves making it happen.

Not every agent is like Billy, so you should check him out!

Best wishes,


Image © AbramsArtists.com

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    Wow. I'm gonna have to remember that name. Thanks for the info, Stephanie!


    Posted by:

      I was present at this seminar and Billy is the Best in the industry. His knowledge and experience was just oozing out of him. And he is just a super guy too-- very relatable and approachable.

      What I loved most is that He Cares and listens to every demo he gets. What a true professional!!

      Anthony Piselli
      Professional Voice Actor

      Posted by:

        Yep, Billy's the real deal. Check out my interview with him in Episode 27 of Everything Acting Podcast. He's a good guy.


        Posted by:
        • Darbi
        • June 4, 2007 11:22 PM

          Hi Everyone,

          If you are hoping to get a hold of Billy Serow, send your demo CD to his attention at Abrams Artists Agency in New York. He prefers to receive demos in that fashion as do most agents (hence why his direct email is not available on the site).

          Here's a link to Abrams:




          P.S. Darbi, thanks for posting that link to your podcast interview with Billy.

          Posted by:


            Thank you for the information re: Billy Serow. I plan to make good use of it.

            I'm a professional VO talent and have only recently subscribed to VOX Daily. I've been doing this awhile and you'd think I'd have stumbled upon this earlier.

            Oh well. Better late than...

            I'm impressed with the substance of VOX Daily and the energy with which it's written. You're good!

            Thanks so much for your time, energy and product.


            Posted by:

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