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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

June 4, 2007

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Voice Over in the Google EraDavid and Stephanie Ciccarelli presented on the topic of Voice Over in the Google Era.

With so many ways to promote your voice using the monolithic conglomerate that is Google, there's no stopping the voice over industry online!

Discover ways that you can improve and increase your presence on the Internet as a voice over talent regardless of your location.

David Bourgeois invited us to come to the Voice Coaches Advanced Marketing Expo to lecture on the topic of Internet marketing and search, so we brought our Voice Over in the Google Era presentation down for the ride.

David gave the background on Voices.com, an overview of the industry ,and we co-presented on search engine optimization and various Google properties that you can use to market your talents online.

So, just what is the demand for audio production and language services?

The voice over market was worth over $8.8 billion worldwide in 2005!

That's right, a substantial amount of money was spent on language services and voice recording with $12.3 billion spent on language services and voice recording projected for 2010.

The ways of the past are no barrier to success for savvy voice over entrepreneurs of the new Google Era. Google has brought more to our fingertips than any other web portal on the Internet, corralling relevant websites and taming the Wild West of the World Wide Web.

Google is not just a search engine, it is an advertising company that makes billions of dollars a year through one of its programs, Google AdWords.

Essentially, the Google AdWords program is an advertising platform where buyers of advertising who are featured on the main Google search can bid on keywords to attract new business on a pay-per-click basis. These ads are also called "Sponsored Links".

Google AdWords was one of the properties we talked about in addition to Google Web Search, Google Image Search, Google News Search, Google Video, Google Blog Search, Google Directory (DMOZ), Google AdSense, and Google Analytics.

Now that I've mentioned some of the properties and services available to you as a Google visitor and customer, that leaves one last question...

How can you make Google work for you?

Remember to:

• Submit to the Google Directory
• Start a Blog
• Build Links to your Website
• Advertise your Services
• Track your Progress
• Create a Press Release

The audience at Voice Coaches was privy to a significant amount of added-value information that is not included in the PDF, like the scoop on Link Love among other things :)

At our next opportunity we'll present you with the details that are not included here in this article.

If you missed this lecture in person and would like more information about Google and their various web properties, you can download the PDF document Voice Over in the Google Era to get a more detailed account of what we were talking about.

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Stephanie and David

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    This was one of my favorite presentations this weekend and not just because I like you guys. You really sparked some new thinking on my part with several of the comments and points you and David made.

    Be well,

    Posted by:

      Stephanie and David,

      I just wanted to comment on what an excellent job you and David did with this presentation. Having grown up "with" the Internet, I definitely thought I had a pretty good idea of how to use Google.

      You both opened my eyes quite a bit as to how much you can really take advantage of everything Google has to offer to an Internet-savvy voice talent, and the severe depth of information you plunged into absolutely blew me away.

      Again, thank you both very much for coming out to our neck of the woods!

      -Chris at Voice Coaches

      Posted by:

        I would like add to Chris's comment. I have spoken to numerous students who attended the Marketing Expo.

        Every single one of them mentioned the Voices.com presentation. They were blown away by the information.

        Great job, and thanks so much.

        John at Voice Coaches

        Posted by:

          Wow, a lot of statistics there. The gist that I picked up was that Google=important; Me on Google=work. I'm gonna have to work on that. I'm no Google expert, but I can see I don't always pop up on top!


          Posted by:

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