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Julie Williams Workshop at Voices.com Fun

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 21, 2007

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Julie WilliamsToday, we had a wonderful afternoon reviewing Julie Williams' CD "Proven Voice-Over Techniques" at Voices.com with several voice actors.

For our first "live" hosted event, I'd say it went pretty well!

Hear more about it here on VOX Daily.

Earlier this afternoon we hosted six fabulous local voice actors at a review session for Julie Williams' "Proven Voice-Over Techniques" workshop CD, with some talent joining us from as far as Kitchener and Waterloo.

We started with some meet and greet activities and Voices.com team member Carol Mroz led an icebreaker so that we could all get to know each other better. Of course, when you combine pizza, caffeinated beverages, and voice actors, the ice nearly breaks itself :)

You may be thinking "My goodness, those voice actors consumed dairy products and caffeine!"! Generally, this is a no-no for most people who use their voice to make a living, but today, the mic wasn't on and it was all about learning, meeting new people, and having a great deal of fun while doing it.

Who was there?

Vince Londini, Randy White, Michele Dyck, Pete Newman, Jorge Mendoza, and Bob Purssglove were there with several members of the Voices.com team including Laurynda Vineyard, Erica Bontje, Carol Mroz and myself.

Here's a picture I took later on, but since we're on the topic of who was there, I'll insert it just below. We were on the phone with Julie Williams at this point, listening intently as she told us a story and shared more tips about voice over marketing.

Julie Williams Workshop Voices.com

Voice actors in attendance represented a wide variety of niches within the biz including radio personalities, narrators, Spanish voice talent, commercial and telephony voice over talent, creating a wonderful mix of people who were very much at ease and able to relate to each other.

In between tracks, we'd take breaks to discuss the material presented which often segued into other conversations about technology, marketing and how to use your voice.

During one of these instances, the question of "Should I invest in an ISDN line or Source-Connect" came up, one that is being asked quite a bit more these days with the new (and less expensive) technology on the market.

It was conversations like these with banter or "talking shop" that really helped to unite our band of guests and believe me, we could have talked all day! I'm sure you've experienced similar things if you have visited with a group of people with like interests in the same field.

One aspect of Julie's CD was about promotion and production of voice over demos. Everyone found these insights very useful and also appreciated the "Coloring Words" segment to help them really give life to the copy that they read.

Toward the end of the workshop, we drew for a prize pack courtesy of Julie for her "How to Make Money in Voice-Overs Even if You Don't Live in New York or L.A.". Bob Purssglove was the fortunate recipient and was able to thank Julie personally on the phone when we dialed in to speak with her around 3 p.m. It was lunch time where Julie was in California, and although she was very busy, was able to chat and answer any and all questions that people had about the techniques and marketing ideas discussed on the CD.

One of the greatest takeaways (aside from a reviewers copy of the CD and chocolates!) for everyone there was the new sense of community that they now felt within their own locale. It was fun for us too as we got to put faces to the voices and really get to "talk" to our customers in person and one on one.

I took a brief survey following the review and by all accounts there is quite a demand for more of these review parties and or events!

That's great news as there is nothing that we love more than connecting with you and being part of the voice over community.

I want to publicly acknowledge my team members, Carol, Erica and Laurynda for helping out and making this event truly memorable for everyone in attendance. I also want to thank David preparing all the goody bags, picking out awesome colors for the helium balloons and ensuring that the workshop ran smoothly from a technical perspective.

Of course, we are indebted to Julie Williams, one of the most genuine and kindhearted people in voice over. Without Julie's desire to host a workshop, send free CDs, a prize pack and her token voice-over chocolates, this event would not have been possible.

For those of you who couldn't make it, there will be similar events in the future, not to worry! We can easily put on events like this here in London and are also open to traveling a bit to reach more of you who are unable to attend at our headquarters here in the 519.

Any requests for a Voices.com workshop in your city?

Add a comment and leave the location you'd like to see a Voices.com workshop hosted in. Maybe we'll make it out to your neck of the woods!

Best wishes,


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    Voice over sounds like fun, plus a way to make a living. It would be nice to have a meeting in the San Gabriel Valley area here in Southern California. Please let me know how to become more involved and knowledgeable in this wonderful industry.


    Jack Fields.

    Posted by:
    • Jack Fields
    • July 23, 2007 6:48 PM

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