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Small Business Week : 10 Ways to Build Credibility


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 4, 2007

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American coinDo people trust you when they visit your website?

Need some ideas to get you going?

Discover 10 ways to help increase, improve and showcase your credibility as a professional voice actor here on VOX Daily during Small Business Week.

Having credibility is one of the most important contributing factors to being successful in your career and in life.

That being said, we've brainstormed 10 ways that you can build and promote your credibility as a voice actor to keep and attract business.

Here's our list!

• Testimonials from clients
• Endorsements from other voice actors or industry professionals
• Affiliation with credible organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, your local Ad Club, etc.
• Website Security badges and full contact information
• Years of professional voice acting experience
• Training and education
• A media coverage archive for your business
• Logos of prestigious companies you've worked for
• A client list featuring 10 to 15 of your best and most recent work projects (update regularly)
• Email signatures that include projects you are working on or "I'm currently the voice of..."

Those are just 10 ways that you can build credibility online and through your marketing materials.

Have any of you tried the signature idea? What have your experiences been?

Happy Independence Day!


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    Hey Steph-

    Your writing efforts are never in vain but I wanted to give you a quick example of how you helped me today.

    Having read these 10 steps... it reminded that I needed to update my web site's testimonial page... I contacted some clients (who like me couldn't get past the fact that the 4th fell on a Wednesday and thus "felt" like today was just a slow day at the office) and got their updated testimonials. Likely I'll get a few more this week too so thanks for the kick in the pants.

    But I sure wish you'd stop wearing those pointy steel tipped boots!

    Best always,
    - Peter

    Posted by:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Another great article, as usual.

      Yes, I've had current info and links to online videos (software tutorials, etc.) that I'm currently on for some time now. Trick is remembering to update it!

      Thanks for all your marketing resources.

      You're awesome.


      Posted by:
      • Julie Williams
      • July 6, 2007 2:41 PM

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