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Meet the Industry : Casting Directors

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 26, 2007

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Voice Casting DirectorsWhen you hear the word casting, do you think of going fishing?

If so, you're going to learn about a whole new world... the world of the voice casting and the casting director!

What is a casting director, what do they do, who hires them and how do you go about getting in front of one...

And once you do, what do they want?! Find out at VOX Daily.

As we have heard before, a casting director, specifically a voice over casting director, is someone who has an ear for picking the best candidate for a particular job.

It is the responsibility of the casting director to "cast" the right person in a role for a client who usually has little interest, ability, or lacks the confidence to "pick" the right voice to represent their company, project, or brand. The casting director wants to get the best possible performance out of an auditioning talent.

It is their goal, in fact, to make a voice actor feel at ease because they need to evaluate all of their options in the best light to pick the most appropriate voice for their client's campaign or project. A casting director charges a fee to the client for their time and expertise.

Casting directors cast for a variety of projects including commercials, movies, animated films, cartoons and more.

While the role of the casting director may appear intimidating, after all, they do decide who gets to land the part, it is in the best interest of the casting director to solicit the best possible performance from each performer who auditions for a role.

Voice casting is an art. The casting director needs to be familiar with the project they are casting, the audience that will be consuming the production and also how that audience needs to be communicated to.

In essence, the casting director is a voice actor's friend, just as a voice over coach and recording engineer are.

A casting director has a huge responsibility placed on their shoulders to not only cast the best candidate but also to treat each person who walks in the door with the utmost respect which helps them keep an open mind when casting for a particular role, voice over, or shot.

Sometimes, a voice casting director is responsible for casting an entire voice acting cast for cartoon series, animated films, video games and audio books. These projects are especially interesting and challenging for a casting director as there is so much to consider, including how the voices match each other, how a voice fits a role, if the voice actors have good chemistry and if their voices fit the ideal that their client is looking for.

How do you impress a casting director?

Be sure to arrive on time, even slightly early for your audition to make a good first impression. Give them as much as you possibly can in an audition because it is far easier to tone a performance down than to pull more out.

Casting directors want you to shine. The more at ease you are, the likelier they are going to receive a bang on audition from you and have something to work with when the casting director is deliberating with their team.

Be sincere, personable and respectful. If they provide direction to you, take it! Show them that you can be directed, that you are able to listen and also that you can improvise.

After all is said and done, there is a new breed of casting director that you should be aware of.

When people post voice over jobs at Voices.com, they put themselves into the seat of the Casting Director. They are responsible for picking the perfect voice for the job from a variety of applicants, only these are submitted to them online as digital auditions.

Sometimes, hiring a casting director just isn't in the budget for many companies employing voice talent or it just simply isn't necessary because the company has someone on staff who possesses an ear for the creative elements their client requires and is capable of picking a suitable voice.

These clients prefer to hire voice talent through voice over marketplaces to get the job done, and more and more hiring is being done this way as technology and other aspects of business evolve.

Have you noticed any particular trends in this field with regard to online voice casting?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    So far, all the casting on our site has been face/body based, but I'd really like to start casting for voices. There are a lot of projects - animation, CGI, and the non-human roles - that just need a voice. Maybe we ought to provide a way for our "fantasy cast" members to cast a VOICE for a role, and not just a pretty face. It would mean listing voice actors as well as the other kind, too. Interesting idea, it was right in front of me, just didn't think that far.

    Posted by:

      how do i get into a voice job i think im pretty good can you help

      Posted by:
      • Andre Forrest
      • November 12, 2008 4:37 PM

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