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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 30, 2007

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Voice Actor BlogWhat do you love about VOX Daily?

What would you like to see more of and is one post a day enough for you?

Here's a chance for you to leave your suggestions and help shape future publications at Voices.com via the VOX Daily blog.

What do you have in mind?

You may have noticed that I've been writing a lot of themed weeks over the past couple of months to unify concepts and particular events going on in the voice over industry.

Periodically, we also have guest bloggers who submit their articles to be published here on the blog, many of whom are familiar faces in voice acting as well as those you may be meeting for the first time.

As much as we provide our own spin on what's going on with regard to news, entertainment, interviews, vocal health, career, or business practices in the voice over industry, VOX Daily truly belongs to the voice over community and it's primarily through your participation that this blog comes alive, bursting with conversation through comments and spreading the word about voice overs.

At the time of this article being published, nearly 500 of the most influential people in the industry receive VOX Daily each day via email subscription and thousands more come to the website to read each VOX Daily each week.

Wow... that's a considerable amount of people, isn't it?

That's precisely why I wanted to provide you with an opportunity to let us know how VOX Daily affects your business, even your life.

By sharing what you like most about VOX Daily, what you think is missing, or what you'd like to see more of, we can improve and deliver more of what you want to read about.

This week, I'll be posting a potpourri of topics as we receive feedback from you. This could be presented either as comments or emails sent to me directly (stephanie(@)voices.com).

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Editor of VOX Daily, The Voice Actor's Blog


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    Hello. What I like most about VOX Daily is that it is daily. Mixed in with that, is that nice look of the posts, which make them visually easy to read.

    I would love to see even more articles about home studio recording equipment, vocal processors, and microphones.

    Thanks again!

    Wayne Henderson
    Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast

    Posted by:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Love the blog!

      As far as format feedback, shorter posts are easier to slip into the daily reading. How short? *shrug* 500 words? 1000? Depends on the "grip" with which the topic holds reader interest... hard to suggest a guide beyond erring to the short-side.

      Fewer or more? How often do you feel you can crank out broadly interesting posts? That will depend in part on your story-arc. After you work your way through "introduction to the industry" style posts, where do you see your conversation heading?

      Also, with what frequency are you discovering news-worthy tidbits to share? Within whatever story you're telling, you'll want to pepper in "breaking news" kind of posts regarding V/O technology, processes, and people. You might base part of your output estimate on that present trend, recognizing that it'll fluctuate.

      And in true blogger fashion, I'll shamelessly plug my own http://classicalthoughts.wordpress.com. :)

      Blog on, Stephanie!

      Posted by:

        I've been a subscriber to the VOX Daily for a while, and enjoy its arrival in my email. I always look at the header first to see if I'll take time right then to peruse it. Not every post grabs me by my brain, but I know you are working to satisfy a broad range of users interests, capabilities, and levels of knowledge and experience in this industry.

        I agree with Vince's post about brevity. As for myself I find too much information distracting while I am in the throes of a busy week recording. Then I feel guilty for not spending more time on the Internet, gathering, networking, etc. Sometimes I get too overloaded with too much dang information from many angles, newsletters and blogs I opt into. I need time to process it!

        Short and impacting should be the order of the day. Obviously some topics require more detail. In my view, striking delicate balance is key.

        You've given me some excellent posts to blog about in my own blog at: blog.bobbinbeam.com

        (yes in true blogger fashion, shameless, aren't we?)

        Keep up the good work, Voices.com!

        All the best,
        Bobbin Beam

        Posted by:

          I get the Vox Daily and it's very good, however, I'm having trouble printing it (I save each issue).

          I press the "printable version" button but I can't always get all the words to the right of the page (they are cut off). Can you condense the version that you send to a narrower format so that I don't lose any of the words when copying it?

          I am starting a loose leaf folder for all the issues as the information is invaluable.

          Thank you!


          Posted by:
          • Elizabeth
          • July 31, 2007 4:52 PM

            Hi Wayne, Vince, Bobbin and Elizabeth,

            Thank you for your comments and feedback.

            Brevity can be worked on (I know that articles published within the last two weeks in particular have been very long "Worldly Voices" and "Meet the Industry"); more technical articles can be written; more news items will be reported; and we can make a change to the printing options so that it will all fit on one page.

            I think a lot of the news at present that isn't mentioned on the blog goes into the VOX Talk podcast as stories. That being said, if there were more numerous posts per day but shorter in nature, would that be of interest should those stories hit on news related items?

            When I say short, I do mean super brief like a couple hundred words tops.

            I'm looking at 1 to 2 stories per day as the norm depending on what's going on in the industry. Sometimes there's more to be said of course because there is more going on.



            P.S. How would you feel about a "Reviews" section being added? Right now reviews are filed under articles / education. There are several book reviews and product reviews that would be right at home in their own category. Any thoughts on that? Are there any categories you feel are missing?

            Posted by:


              Vox Daily is a very nearly daily stop for me. Always interesting at some level, often very interesting. Things I would love to see added or updated about Vox Daily?

              A blogroll with categories (at minimum) for Voiceover blogs. Voiceover forums. Coaches. (There's no need for a list of talent, since Voices.com already provides them in abundance.)

              Better organization of your recent archives. Once I get to the bottom of the main page, there's no way to navigate back into the recent archives, except to click on the month link. By the time we're late in a month that involves a lot of extra scrolling when a "previous posts" link at the bottom of the page would let us page back through the recent archives much more easily.

              Those are a couple of thoughts off the top of my head. Please, keep up the excellent work.

              Be well,

              Posted by:

                Hi Bob,

                Thank you for your comments and suggestions. It's always good to hear from you.

                David recently implemented an archive of the 20 most recent articles posted on VOX Daily that appears at the bottom of the main VOX Daily page as well as the 10 most recent articles on each individual article posted.

                There is also a handy search link for the blog specifically for people to search by keyword as well as by category.

                I think it would be helpful to link to the podcasts as well now that you mention blogrolls. The Voice Over Experts podcast in particular links to the websites of contributing coaches and also gives people the opportunity to hear directly from the coach first and read their bio as research prior to seeking more information by clicking through the links to their website.

                Thank you for sharing your ideas Bob!


                Posted by:

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