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Dallas Workshop with Bettye Zoller

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 27, 2007

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Bettye ZollerIf you're in Dallas or planning to be for September 15-16, 2007, it is worth your while to consider attending a voice over workshop instructed by Bettye Zoller, a weekend she promises to be exceptional and requested by popular demand.

Learn more about the workshop agenda, socialization and food that comes with the weekend!

As of today's date, (Monday August 27) there are six spaces left in September 15-16. Enrolling is easy and you can do so by telephone, email, or at Bettye's website using MasterCard or VISA. If mailing check or Money Order, ask Bettye for instructions first. There's even pick you up at your hotel if you are from out of town, so no rental car is needed.

If you enroll for the weekend, you'll attend two seminars: The Business of Voiceovers and Voice Acting Techniques for Today, catered to meet your needs on an individual basis, whether an amateur or professional voice actor.

Here's a note from Bettye about the conference agenda:

Saturday begins with continental breakfast... fruit, juices, delicious gourmet rolls and pastries, milk, hot coffee and more. Get acquainted and meet your colleagues who are also interested in or are performing voiceovers! The morning session consists of information on our business... where the jobs are and how to get them... the Internet revolution and how our business has radically changed, working with broadcast agents in many cities without ever leaving home, advertising yourself to those who hire voices, developing loyal, repeat clients, how to get the most money for your services, what vo talents are charging today, and a discussion of unions (AFTRA and SAG). After a group lunch in a nearby restaurant, we'll start the afternoon highlighting hands-on copyreading while you are coached and directed by Bettye Zoller and Surprise Guests!

You will announce solo and group copy pieces, learning more about voice attitudes and all kinds of voice acting techniques that will set you apart from others because of your higher skill levels! We'll work on believability, sincerity, character development, voice focus, vocal variety, and much more. We'll also work on helping you identify your SPECIAL UNIQUE VOICE ATTRIBUTES. You'll leave with an amazing handout packet and assigned work for the evening to prepare for tomorrow's workshop!

On Sunday we start at noon with buffet brunch items and all day beverages and coffee. The day will consist of more business information and more voice acting instruction too plus you'll be showing us your homework assignments. You'll have plenty of time to ask questions and get personal attention to your needs. The day will end about 4:30 p.m. You will be provided with more handouts to take with you to work on on your own for continuous improvement after our workshop has ended.

If you'd like to learn more, contact Bettye at her website.


P.S. Listen to Bettye's lecture on Voice Over Experts about crafting your Elevator Speech.

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