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How to Use SurePay at Voices.com


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 20, 2007

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SurePayNew to Voices.com?

If you'd like to learn more about our SurePay Escrow Service ( in other words, how you can get paid for work directly at Voices.com and earn feedback ratings ), read this tutorial created by Laurynda Pasma.

How can you use SurePay? Find out!

What is SurePay?

SurePay is an Escrow service that holds the client's deposit in a neutral bank account, which only releases payment once the client has downloaded the files and accepted the work as complete.

Talent can be hired by clients using SurePay via three methods:

1. Through Public Jobs (jobs posted to all eligible talent and appear under the Jobs tab)
2. Through Private Jobs (jobs posted to a select group of invited talent and offered through member websites)
3. Direct Contact (Private Job Offer to one talent on their website)

How it works

Situation: You've auditioned for a Job posted at Voices.com or you've been sent a Private Job.

• You've been emailed about a job. You submit your audition. You must submit an audition even if it is a private job offer.
• The client reviews their responses and adds a few talents to their Favorites list as a way of short listing their responses.
• The client decides he likes your quote, your proposal and is ready to work with you.
• The client clicks on either "Select This Voice" or a "Buy Now" button to create a formal Job Offer.
• Job Offer form is presented to the client. They can modify your quote, modify their deadline date, upload their script and leave a comment with further directions or just a greeting. The client is aware of the modest escrow fee that is added onto your initial quote. They click to send the job offer.
• You are sent an email letting you know that you've been offered a job by a client at Voices.com. You are asked to login to your Voices.com account, check the Jobs tab, review the offer and either Accept, Decline or Counter Offer.
• The client is emailed letting them know of your decision. If you have accepted the offer the client is asked to make a deposit for your services.
• The client makes a deposit to Voices.com for your services. *** This can be done via PayPal or by phone using their credit card *** Clients can call us, say who the payment is for (you) and we'll distribute the funds as well as send the client a receipt for the transaction.
• You are then notified that a deposit has been made and you can go ahead and record and upload the files.
• You upload the files to the Jobs tab and the client is sent an email letting them know a file has been uploaded. You can upload one file or several. All file types are accepted and the limit is 100 MB.
• The client logs into their account to download the files. They must click "I Accept" for us to be notified and for your name to appear in the Recently Hired List.
• We, Voices.com, release the deposit to your PayPal account.
• The client is asked to Leave Feedback on their experience with you and you are also asked to Leave Feedback on your experience with them.

Situation: You've just been contacted directly via email. No Job Offer sent.

• The client either finds you during a search of the Featured Talent Directory or the All Member Search or they may be contacting you from an audition.
• The client sends you an email either from your Voices.com website contact area or from an email link in your audition asking if you'd be interested in doing the job.
• You and the client negotiate back and forth via email and you agree to do the job.
• Direct your client back to your audition to click the "Buy Now" button to send you a Job Offer. (see steps above for what happens next).
• Or you direct the client back to your Voices.com website to send you a Private Job. The client must click on the SurePay icon or the Request Quote link on your Voices.com website.
• The client is then asked if they want to invite you to an existing job or a new job. This is where they must submit a private job posting for you.
• The Job is approved by us and you are sent an email letting you know you've been invited to respond to a job.
• Submit your response. The job should appear under Private Leads in your account.
• The client must make a formal Job Offer by clicking "Select This Voice" or "Buy Now" to start a job offer. (See previous situation for following steps)

We plan on implementing the ability for a client to make a payment directly to you via SurePay from your website (without having to post a private job) in the near future.

What are the Benefits?

• Clients know that their money is being held until they are satisfied with the recording.
• Talents know that the money is waiting for them and they can concentrate on the recording rather than billing.
• There is now a dispute resolution in place to help with any issues that may arise from a SurePay project since we will have access to the communications between talent and client.
• Talents receive valid feedback from a client they have worked with through Voices.com and recognition for their work and negotiation skills by being listed on the Recently Hired list.
• Fellow voice talent members know who is getting work.
• Voices.com is now part of the job awarding process so we are aware of which members are working. In the past we never knew who was working or who they were working for.

Do I have to use it?

The simple answer, no.

We are aware that many companies may use an invoice billing system and would be unable to use SurePay. You won't know if your client is willing to pay you using SurePay unless you ask. If they decline then you still have the option of negotiating on your own.

The SurePay escrow fee is 10% of what you quote. This sum is automatically calculated and factored into the amount you quote.

Example: Your Quote = 200
Escrow Fee = 20

Deposit Amount for Client = 220

At the end of the transaction the talent would receive the amount of $200 for their services. Voices.com would keep $20.

* To clarify, the SurePay fee is NOT a commission taken from voice talent, it is a fee added on top of the total quoted amount, approved and paid by the client, to process the transaction and mediate if necessary *

This fee covers the expense of PayPal account fees and any dispute resolutions or follows up correspondence required to settle an account between talents and clients.

Many voice talent also include the PayPal fees they will incur into their initial quote so that they receive the full amount if they've opted to be paid via PayPal by Voices.com.

Any downsides to not using SurePay?

๏ You will not receive Feedback that will be recognized by Voices.com
๏ You will not appear on the Recently Hired List
๏ Should a client not pay you, Voices.com will not be able to intervene on your behalf

We hope this additional information has helped to shed some light on the new SurePay feature at Voices.com.

Laurynda and Stephanie

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    Laurynda and Stephanie,

    Thank you for this article. This is good information and answers the few questions I still had about SurePay.

    Be well,

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      Thanks for the explaination of SurePay...and for making it available.
      Keep thinking "out of the box". We all benefit.


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        thank you for the explanation. this is a great service!

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